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President of GSDI Association: Abbas Rajabifard

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard, Director of Centre for SDIs and Land Administration, Department of Geomatics, the University of Melbourne and member of Victorian Spatial Council has assumed his role as President of the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association (GSDI), a leading international association in the development of spatial information and management, at the recent GSDI 11 World Conference in Rotterdam in June this year. The Association plays a critical role in helping to address societal problems through the use of spatial capacity. Abbas commit to provide the leadership the Association requires in order to achieve its objectives and implement its strategies.
Abbas was elected President-Elect of the GSDI Association in 2008 at the GSDI 10 Conference in Trinidad in late February 2008. This appointment together with his current role in the UN sponsored Permanent Committee on GIS Infrastructure for Asia and the Pacific (PCGIAP) as Vice Chair of working group on spatially enabled governments will enable Abbas to continue to provide international leading in the discipline over the next four years.
The GSDI Association is a non-profit, inclusive, global organization made up of members from different countries both from emerging and developed nations, major industry and government organisations, and individuals. The organization promotes international cooperation and collaboration in creating local, national and international Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) to assist nations to address social, economic, and environmental issues. The Association promotes the Global SDI to facilitate ready, world wide access to geographic and spatial information to support decision making at all scales for multiple purposes.

Abbas believes the essence of what the Association does is help to create an enabling environment that enhances outcomes in societies, economies and the global environment. The betterment of societies through spatial enablement is one of his goals as President. He has indicated in his incoming speech as president of GSDI Association,
’…spatial enablement will assist both developed and developing countries to pursue sustainable development objectives and it will ensure better productivity and efficiency. Therefore, I would like us all to consider as a theme for the GSDI Association in the next period, and the GSDI 12 conference in Singapore in October 2010 (jointly with the PCGIAP) – “Realizing Spatially Enabled Societies”.

Abbas is currently Director of the Centre for SDIs and Land Administration at the Department of Geomatics, the University of Melbourne and a member of ICA-Spatial Data Standard Commission. He has been member of International Steering Committee for Global Mapping Project (1997-2001) and a member of the UN-ESCAP Group of Experts to develop Guidelines on GIS Standardisation for Asia-Pacific. In recent years Abbas has focused more on the design and development of SDIs in different jurisdictions including spatially enabled government and society. His role as president of GSDI Association will be until 2012.

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