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7 November

United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress

Our Director, Prof Abbas Rajabifard will be chairing and presenting a session at the inaugural United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress (UNWGIC), as the Chair of the Academic Network for the UN Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management.

The UNWGIC will be held in Dequing, Zhejiang Province, China from 19 - 21 November 2018, with an overarching theme "The Geospatial Way to a Better World". It promises to be a global event that brings together stakeholders to address and ensure that geospatial information has its widest and fullest utility in service of social, economic and environmental development. The aim of the Congress is to provide a convening, participatory and inclusive environment to enhance the communication, understanding, knowledge and application of geospatial information management to address local, regional and global challenges.

Prof Rajabifard will chair a session on the theme of 'A Sustainable and Resilient World: Capacity Building and Geospatial Research for Implementing the SDGs.

2 November

SSSI ACT Conference: 3D Enabling Business and Community

On the 2nd of November 2018, our Director, Prof Abbas Rajabifard, was in Canberra for the SSSI ACT Conference. This year the conference focussed on the theme of ‘3D Enabling Business and Community’.

Prof Rajabifard gave a talk on ‘Urban Analytics and 3D’ and was an invited panellist on the discussion of ‘Challenges and Opportunities in 3D’.

View the full event program here.

1 November

46th International Registrar of Titles Conference

On the 1st of November 2018, our Director, Prof Abbas Rajabifard, was in Canberra for the 46th International Registrar of Titles Conference. This annual event is attended by Registrars of Titles and senior staff from Torrens based land registries around the world.

The 2018 conference was hosted by the Australian Registrars National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC) on the theme of “Leading the Property Transaction Revolution”.

Prof Rajabifard was invited to discuss a work recently released from CSDILA titled ‘Research and Current Practice in 3D Digital Cadastre in Australia’.

12 October

Visit From Dr Dozi Ezigbalike

We were pleased to welcome Dr Dozi Ezigbalike, former UN Economic Commission Africa, who visited us this week to discuss potential areas for collaboration.

4 October

A Successful Symposium!

We are pleased to announce the success of the international symposium and workshops, A Smart Sustainable Future for All – Enhancing Resilience in a Changing Landscape (SSF 2018), from 24 – 26 September 2018 at the University of Melbourne.

Our event was co-hosted by the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety (CDMPS), in co-partnership with the World Bank (Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, and the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice), and supported by a number of national and international organisations. 


The Symposium hosted over 150 national and international speakers, including a variety of experts and representatives from academia, government and industry. The symposium created an ideal environment for informed discussion and for promoting a collaborative effort towards a smart sustainable future for all.

As part of the event we were pleased to host two workshops, the first was led by CSDILA, with speakers from the Centre and Land Use Victoria, on ‘Smart Land and Urban Data Management’. The second was presented by Bob Jensen, an expert in disaster management from the USA and Senior Managing Director of Strat3 on ‘Leadership During Crisis and Developing Next Generation Emergency Management Teams’. Both workshops were well received and we are grateful to those who contributed to ensuring their success.

In addition, we hosted a free ePlan workshop in collaboration with Land Use Victoria (LUV), Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), on the current and future developments of ePlan in Victoria. CSDILA are currently partnered with LUV to modernise the land subdivision process as part of the ePlan initiative. We welcomed presenters from LUV, including Mark Briffa, Manager of Electronic Subdivisions Unit; Dr Hamed Olfat, ePlan Coordinator; and Craig Sandy, Surveyor General We also welcomed Tom Champion, Associate Director of Reeds Consulting, and members from the surveying industry. This was an excellent workshop that received a lot of positive feedback. Thank you to LUV for their support and contributions to this event.

On the third anniversary of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we launched the Blueprint for Disaster Management Supporting the SDGs, where senior executives, including Anna Wellenstein, Director of Strategy and Operations, the World Bank; Mark Crosweller, Head of the National Resilience Taskforce, Department of Home Affairs, Australian Government; and Assistant Commissioner Debra Abbott, Victoria Police, commented on the significance of the research.

CDMPS and CSDILA will continue the discussion on sustainability and smart cities and hope that this event was a step toward building a smart sustainable future for all. We hope that you will join our collaborative effort towards achieving this goal.

2 October

Blueprint Launch at SSF2018

In collaboration with our sister institute, the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety , successfully launched A Blueprint for Disaster Management RD&D Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals at the international symposium A Smart Sustainable Future for All on 25 September 2018 the third anniversary of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Blueprint provides analysis and a research framework to support policymakers, first responders, industry stakeholders and community members strengthen our resilience to future disasters. The path to a sustainable and resilient future is paved by the decisions we make today, and our work seeks to support positive evidence-based action.

Senior executives from major government and international organisations attended the launch and commented on the significance of the research, including: Anna Wellenstein, Director of Strategy and Operations, the World Bank Mark Crosweller, National Resilience Taskforce, Department of Home Affairs, Australian Government; and Assistant Commissioner Debra Abbott, Victoria Police.

About the blueprint, Anna Wellenstein said, "I was really excited to learn about the blueprint. I think unless we really know what progress we’re making, and we have targets – it’s hard for us to learn from each other – one country to the next – about what’s a really effective policy and program and what’s not, and it’s really hard to see if we’re on the right track or not… It’s quite an accomplishment that the team here at the University of Melbourne was able to put together a plan and I look forward to its discussions with a lot of the countries and international agencies."

You can download the blueprint here – we hope this roadmap will encourage further discussion, collaboration and research towards a smart and sustainable future.

If you would like to support or collaborate with us in implementing the Blueprint – please contact CDMPS at

Caption: (From left to right) Prof Greg Foliente (Deputy Director, CDMPS), Anna Wellenstein (Director, Strategy and Operations, the World Bank), Hon. Gary Nairn (Former Spatial Minister, Australia), Mark Crosweller AFSM (Head, National Resilience Taskforce, Australian Government Dept of Home Affairs), Assisstant Commissioner Debra Abbott (Victoria Police), Prof Abbas Rajabifard (Director, CDMPS and CSDILA, University of Melbourne), Maryam Rabiee (Research Associate, CDMPS and CSDILA)

30 September

ISV 2018 Surveying Expo

Our collaborator, the Institution of Surveyors Victoria (ISV), recently held their 2018 Surveying Expo in Melbourne, Victoria. This event welcomed about 200 delegates from Australian Universities and the surveying industry.

CSDILA's Deputy Director, Dr Mohsen Kalantari, attended the event and was also invited to be a member of a panel for a discussion on smart cities. The main message gained from this discussion was that surveyors need to expand their frontiers further than 'cadastral' in order to secure their businesses. A note-worthy quote was the Singapore motto; 'Limited land, Unlimited space'.

14 September

Prof. Rajabifard's keynote speech at Tasmanian Surveying & Spatial Conference

Professor Abbas Rajabifard delivered an opening keynote talk at the Tasmanian Surveying and Spatial Conference (TSSC) on 14 September. His presentation reported on CSDILA's ARC Linkage Project: '3D Property Ownership Map Base for Smart Urban Land Administration'.  In his speech, Prof Rajabifard presented solutions for accommodating 3D data derived from regulatory urban subdivision processes into the current 2D property ownership map base. Prof Rajabifard highlighted the importance of transforming 2D property maps into a 3D digital information environment. The theme of TSSC was ‘Positioning Property People Now’, which drove conversation towards the new positioning paradigm, in particular the opportunities presented by the NPI announcements, and the convergence with the modernisation of digital cadastres and what this all means.View the program here.

12 September

Disaster Management and Resilience workshop in Indonesia

Prof Rajabifard conducted a workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia on the topic of Disaster Management and Resilience and Resilience Impact of Land and Geospatial Information. This workshop is conducted in close collaboration with World Bank. The workshop was part of the collaboration with the World Bank on the project: Improving Resilience and Resilience Impact of National Land and Geospatial Systems.

31 August

CSDILA hosts Victorian 3D Digital Cadastre Roadmap workshop

CSDILA was delighted to host Land Use Victoria and Prof Jantien Stoter from Delft University of Technology on Thursday 30th August for a workshop about the Victoria 3D Digital Cadastre Roadmap. Land Use Victoria is currently working towards a 3D Digital Cadastre for the State, and we are proud to be consultative partner for this project.We had a rich discussion about the project’s vision: how to align with ICSM Cadastre 2034, and the importance of transitioning to a 3D digital cadastre to enable the 3D built environment. Outcomes from the meeting were, as follows:

  • A plan for transitioning from the current 2D cadastre to a 3D digital cadastre;

  • Identification of critical relationships between the data lifecycle, regulations and stakeholders; and

  • Indicators of progress for a change strategy.

It was wonderful to have input from Prof Jantien Stoter, who is currently working on a similar roadmap in the Netherlands – her valuable contribution was greatly appreciated. We look forward to continuing this important work with Land Use Victoria.

28 August

Prof. Jantien Stoter visited CSDILA

We are pleased to welcome Professor Jantien Stoter who is visiting us from the Delft University of Technology this week to discuss potential areas for research collaboration in 3D spatial information domain. Jantien Stoter is a full professor in Spatial Data Infrastructure, at the Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment, Delft University of Technology and she is leading the 3D GeoInformation group at the Department of Urbanism.

7 August

Eighth Session of the Committee of Experts on UN-GGIM

The United Nations – Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) Academic Network Forum was held in the week from 1 – 3 August as part of the Eighth Session of the Committee of Experts on GGIM at UN Headquarters, New York.

The theme of the event was The SDGs Connectivity Dilemma: Urban Settlements, Resilience, and Sustainability and brought together over 100 delegates and geospatial experts and academics from over 50 Member States, academic institutions, and the private sector.

In his opening remarks, our Director Prof Abbas Rajabifard, as Chair of the UN-GGIM Academic Network, addressed the theme of the event, particularly in the areas of sustainability, resilience, and connectivity for urban communities and settlements. Read more about the Forum here.

CDMPS and CSDILA are also working along this same theme and looking at these connections in the context of Infrastructure and Community Resilience, spatial technologies and policy implications

Our Research Associate Maryam Rabiee also presented at the forum on the topic of Mapping SDG Interactions for Cities. Her presentation was a small piece of a larger project she is working on with CDMPS and CSDILA: A Blueprint for Disaster Management RD&D Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals. Find out more here.

During the academic network report to the Eighth Session of the Committee of Experts on UN-GGIM, Professor Abbas Rajabifard announced that the Blueprint will be launched at our international symposium on A Smart Sustainable Future for All – Enhancing Resilience in a Changing Landscape in September 2018.

1 June

Visit: Malaysia 3D Cadastre

We recently hosted representatives from our Malaysian project partners to discuss our progress on developing prototype tools for 3D cadastre for Malaysia. At CSDILA recently hosted representatives from the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (JUPEM) and ENVIRO Land Services.

This visit, from May 30–31, was an opportunity for us to showcase our work on the exciting project Malaysian 3D Cadastre. Currently, legal information about land – known as a cadastre – is largely stored in 2D databases, but as our cities grow in all directions there is a need for frameworks to encompass air space and the underground. This project includes a study of requirements and developing new tools to support this transition, as we migrate 2D data into an open source database and build applications to create a 3D cadastral system. Our client JUPEM came to see our work in person and discuss our design for a prototype, which includes a series of applications including server, database and desktop application, to implement the 3D cadastre – putting theory into practice. This project will continue over the following months, through three phases, with the goal to complete work in September. Our thanks to JUPEM and ENVIRO Land Services for their visit and supporting us to do this important and innovative work.

10 May

Prof Rajabifard's Invited Speech in FIG Congress 2018

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard presented our recent peer-reviewed paper in the topic of 3D Digital Cadastre in XXVI FIG International Congress & General Assembly 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey.

This work was part of CSDILA's ARC Linkage Project '3D Property Ownership Map Base for Smart Urban Land Administration'. This project is supported by Land Use Victoria, Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM), and City of Melbourne. The published version of the paper can be viewed here.

26 April

FIG Congress 2018

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard will be a plenary speaker at the FIG Congress 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey.

FIG Congress brings together the international community of surveying and spatial professionals together. Scientists, experts, policy and decision-makers, students, and stakeholders are invited to join the discussions on issues affecting the international surveying and spatial community today and in the future. The theme this year is Enhancing our smart world where the continents connect: enhancing the geospatial maturity of societies.

Prof. Rajabifard's session will be on Spatially Enabled Societies and Smart Communities.

To find out more about FIG Congress 2018, visit their website.

10 April

Graduation: Dr Farzad Alamdara

Congratulations to Dr Farzad Alamdara on receiving his Doctorate degree on Tuesday the 10th of April at the University of Melbourne.

Research Title: Supporting Disaster Management Utilising Multi-Agency Sensor Information  Supervisors: Dr. Mohsen Kalantari & Prof. Abbas Rajabifard

During his PhD, Farzad was involved in a multi- national Geospatial project to support Incident Management Information Sharing (IMIS) using Internet of Things (IoT), in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). The focus of his work in the OGC IMIS IoT pilot was the development of OGC Web Processing Services (WPS) for real-time processing of sensor data to serve incident management tasks.His research has led to several peer-reviewed journal and conference publications.

Farzad is a GIS specialist, geospatial web service developer, and Internet of Things (IoT) researcher.

Currently, Farzad is working as a senior GIS data analyst in the IoT company; ‘Intelliscape‘ and he is expanding his knowledge and experience in the IoT industry.

9 April

Visit from Professor Josef Strobl

We were pleased to welcome Professor Josef Strobl who visited us from the University of Salzburg this week to discuss potentials for collaboration.

Professor Josef Strobl is Head of the Department of GeoInformatics at the University of Salzburg, Austria. Professor Abbas Rajabifard was pleased to receive a visit from Professor Strobl this week to discuss what research areas CSDILA and CDMPS could more closely collaborate on with the University of Salzburg.

We are currently hosting PhD candidate Laura Knoth at CSDILA, who is visiting from the University of Salzburg. Laura is investigating 3D Urban Land Administration and BIM as part of this collaboration.

6 April

CSDILA will be presenting at LADM Workshop on 12 April

As part of our 3D cadastre project for Malaysia, CSDILA will be presenting the paper titled 'An LADM-based approach to developing and implementing national 3D cadastre: A case study of Malaysia' in LADM2018: The 7th Land Administration Domain Model Workshop in Zagreb, Croatia on 12 April. The paper is available for download here.

22 March

Annual World Bank Conference 2018

We are delighted to collaborate with the World Bank on the project:‘Improving Resilience and Resilience Impact of National Land and Geospatial Systems’. Last week, our joint research team, led an international expert meeting and a plenary panel on this topic at the World Bank Annual Land and Poverty conference in Washington.

The meetings focused on the scope and initial findings of our collaborative project with the World Bank, on the same topic. The event offered the opportunity for us to present our inception report outlining relevant literature and a best practices analysis. We also interacted with the country consultants engaged on the project, including India, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway and Turkey, who provided their preliminary findings and insight from their country contexts. The event provided a chance to carry out an in-depth discussion with many key international organisations.

The event was a great success and was well attended by representatives hailing from countries such as Finland, Norway, Uganda, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Netherlands, UK, Peru, Moldova, Slovenia, Greece. Representatives also attended from a number of sectors of the World Bank, including the Land Sector, Disaster Risk Management Sector, and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery Unit, who participated in the discussion and offered keen observations and input into the project.

Following the expert meeting, our team participated in a Round table discussion event with high level members of the World Bank to gain further insight into the important themes and issues surrounding our project topic. We were given a chance to present in a panel session during the conference, which we used to present our project and findings, and to conduct an interactive panel discussion with attendees.

Our project is currently within the inception and case study stages but gaining momentum. We welcome any parties interested in joining this initiative to contact us for further information on how to become involved. Issues relevant to a variety of country contexts adds value and greater outcomes. As part of the project we will host an International Forum in Melbourne in September 2018, watch this space:

7 March

CSDILA members visited Department of Survey and Mapping (JUPEM) in Malaysia

The Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (JUPEM) invited CSDILA to facilitate 3D cadastre and LADM workshop. The workshop was attended by representatives of JUPEM and their stakeholders. A number of representatives from governmental departments also participated to provide their input into CSDILA’s 3D cadastre and Land Administration projects. These governmenttal departments included the Department of Land and Mine, the Department of Planning, the Planning Department of City Council in Kuala Lumpur, the Department of Valuation, as well as the Property Services and Land Titling offices. During this visit CSDILA had the opportunity to discuss technical arrangements for the delivery of the new model for 3D cadastre in Malaysia. This workshop was led by Dr. Mohsen Kalantari and Mr. Mohsen Anaraki.

6 March

CSDILA welcomes Ms Laura Knoth from University of Salzburg, Austria

We welcome PhD candidate Laura Knoth, who is visiting us from the University of Salzburg, Austria. Laura is in the second year of her PhD and her research interests are in 3D building modelling, as well as building transformation and integration with other 3D spatial data to improve situational awareness. Laura will be with us for about 4 months to collaborate on some research related to 3D building models.

26-27 February

Professor Abbas Rajabifard gave a keynote speech at the 1st International BIM Conference hosted in Iran

Professor Abbas Rajabifard gave a keynote speech titled 'BIM and Smart Cities with Spatial Information Technologies and Urban Analytics' at the International BIM Conference hosted in Iran. This is the first comprehensive international conference on ‘Building Information Modelling’ (BIM). The BIM approach is a relatively new concept in the design, construction and management of building projects that has been adopted by many first world countries. Construction laws in some of these countries have been refined by specific contracts that don’t allow construction without the use of this method. In Iran, leading companies have begun using BIM and offer their services to their clients with BIM quality; this topic was discussed at the conference. Find out more about the conference and its objectives here.

Professor Rajabifard was also interviewed by Specialty Media at the conference, which can be viewed here (in Farsi)

14 December

Mr Chris McRae's Retirement

Professor Abbas Rajabifard, our director and Head of Department of Infrastructure Engineering, attended Mr Chris McRae’s Retirement Function in Land Use Victoria on Thursday 14 December. As the Executive Director of Land Use Victoria and Registrar of Titles, Chris was the Chair of Industry Advisory Board of Department of Infrastructure Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

13 December

Dr Hosna Tashakkori Hashemi's Graduation

CSDILA congratulates Dr Hosna Tashakkori Hashemi on receiving her Doctorate degree on Wednesday the 13th of December at the University of Melbourne. Dr Tashakkori's PhD thesis was titled 'Indoor search and rescue using a 3D indoor emergency spatial model'.

From left to right: Professor Abbas Rajabifard, Dr Hosna Tashakkori Hashemi, Dr Mohsen Kalantari

11 December

CSDILA entered to a significant partnership with Land Use Victoria, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Victorian State Government

CSDILA has entered into a significant partnership with Land Use Victoria (LUV), Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Victorian Government, to modernise the land subdivision process as part of the e-Plan initiative. We launched our partnership on Monday 11 December, with attendees from government, industry and Melbourne University executives.

Currently, information generated from surveys is still predominantly on paper and, at most can be shared digitally as a Pdf. There is limited capacity to share or access the huge amount of work and data produced in past projects. e-Plan will digitise surveying processes. e-Plan can support information from cadastral surveys and subdivision plans and can be shared to a database for reuse in new subdivision plans.

During the launch, Professor James McCluskey, DVC (Research) at the University of Melbourne, described this project as "one of the first of its kind in the world". He highlighted how important this project was to the University as "ground-breaking, collaborative research" that "translates into something useful and practical for Australia". This meets the current vision for research and development at the university.

The potential of e-Plan would be severely limited if it were not for the collaborative effort between CSDILA and LUV, DELWP. Mr Mark Briffa, LUV, described how well placed the team was both in the government and surveying industry, "this underpins the project". "This partnership allows for a greater pool of resources and an assured ongoing work plan... There are also very exciting prospects for developing 3D capacity in e-Plan [with CSDILA's help]” Mr Briffa said.

The project was kicked off by DELWP in 2008, and CSDILA has been instrumental in driving the project ever since. DELWP is now officially outsourcing the project development to CSDILA, as the only Australian Centre with expertise in this area.

11 December

Dr Saeed Asadi's Graduation

CSDILA congratulates Dr Saeed Asadi on receiving his Doctorate degree on Monday the 11th of December at the University of Melbourne. Dr Asadi's PhD thesis was titled 'Road space optimisation for multiclass and multimodal traffic networks'.

1 November

Dr Atazadeh received the Victorian Spatial Excellence Postgraduate Award

CSDILA congratulates Dr Behnam Atazadeh on receiving the Victorian Spatial Excellence Award (VSEA) for Postgraduate Student on Wednesday 1 November 2017. This award is conferred to Dr Atazadeh due to his PhD research project which significantly contributed to the ongoing progression of the surveying and spatial industry.

9 October

Prof. Rajabifard's invited speech in Malaysia

Professor Abbas Rajabifard, Director of CSDILA, has been invited by Malaysian Board of Surveyors and delivered a one day talk in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Prof. Rajabifard's speech was about 'Spatially Enabled Platform to Support Liveability Planning for Smart Cities.'

2 August

CSDILA has entered an MOU with CSLP to integrate law and policy into technology research and education
The University of Melbourne’s Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration (CSDILA), and the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy (CSLP) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to combine research and training on geospatial technology with the associated legal and policy implications.
Under the MOU, the parties will jointly seek opportunities for interdisciplinary research on matters relating to geospatial technologies. In addition, the two Centres will work to incorporate spatial law and policy into geospatial training for senior executives, as well as into undergraduate and graduate geospatial technology curriculums. 
Professor Abbas, Director of the Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration, stated that
“Spatial data infrastructures are an enabling platform for delivering spatially enabled societies and also empowering government to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of services and to have informed decisions; hence the relationship between spatial data and the legal and policy framework is vital. This collaboration between our two centres is important because it means we can provide a full skill set that enables spatial data technologies to be better utilised for supporting government, industry and wider society.”
“Spatial data infrastructures are an enabling platform for delivering spatially enabled societies and also empowering government to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of services and to have informed decisions; hence the relationship between spatial data and the legal and policy framework is vital. This collaboration between our two centres is important because it means we can provide a full skill set that enables spatial data technologies to be better utilised for supporting government, industry and wider society.”
The partners will also explore joint-research and consulting on the technical, legal and policy factors that impact the collection, use, storage and distribution of geospatial information. For example, on matters such as spatial data infrastructures, smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT).
Kevin Pomfret, Executive Director of the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy, stated that:
“Geospatial technology is raising a number of challenging legal and policy issues. These issues cut across technology platforms and legal disciplines. As a result, integrating spatial law and policy into geospatial education and research has always been a primary mission of the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy.“



27 May

Dr Farhad Laylavi's PhD completion

CSDILA congratulates Dr Farhad Laylavi on receiving his Doctorate degree this Saturday the 27th of May at the University of Melbourne. Farhad's thesis was titled 'A framework for adopting twitter data in emergency response.'



12 April

Visit from Denise McKenzie, OGC

Members from CSDILA and our close partner, the CDMPS, met with Denise McKenzie to showcase our capabilities and current projects in the area of 3D visualisation platforms. Denise McKenzie is the executive director of Communications and Outreach at Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).


From left to right: Dr Sam Amirebrahimi, Dr Soheil Sabri, Mr Alireza Kashian, Professor Abbas Rajabifard, Ms Denise McKenzie, and Dr Yiqun (Benny) Chen.


11 April

Visit from Dr Remetey-Fülöpp Gábor

Dr Remetey-Fülöpp Gábor visited Director Abbas Rajabifard on Wednesday 11 April. On the agenda was opportunities for collaboration.

Dr Remetey-Fülöpp Gábor is the GSDI liaison to the Committee of Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Working Group on Information Systems and Services (WGISS).


Dr Gábor is also the delegation to the:

  • Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Plenary XIII
  • Hungarian National Geographical Information Association (HUNAGI)
  • National Geodetic Survey
  • The Presidium of the Hungarian Astronautical Society (abbreviated as MANT in Hungarian)
  • MFT

 He was also the Secretary General of HUNAGI (Nov 1994 - May 2015).


5 April

10th International Symposium on Digital Earth and Locate 17

As part of the 10th International Symposium on Digital Earth and Locate17, Professor Rajabifard delivered a keynote talk on "Building a Global Disaster Management Platform: Delivering Smart Disaster Communities" and chaired a session on disaster management.



The International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE) promote academic exchange, science and technology innovation, education, and international collaboration towards Digital Earth. They explore Digital Earth as an enabling technology to play key roles in economic and social sustainable development, environmental protection, disaster mitigation, natural resources conservation and improvement of living standards.

The Locate Conference (Locate17) is the national conference of the spatial and surveying industries of Australia and New Zealand.

For more information and to see the full program, please visit


Special news item

3D GeoInfo Conference 2017

It is our pleasure to invite you to take part in 3D Australia from the 24 – 27 October 2017.

12th 3D Geoinfo Conference 2017 – 26 and 27 October

The 3D GeoInfo Conference aims at bringing together international researchers from academia, industry and government in the field of 3D geoinformation. The conference offers an interdisciplinary forum to researchers in the fields of data collection, advanced modelling approaches, data analysis and visualisation.


BIM-GIS Integration Workshop – 25 October

BIM-GIS Integration will be organised as a pre–conference workshop session of the 3D GeoInfo 2017. The IAG WG4.2.4 is organising this workshop to provide a platform for researchers to present and discuss their work in the various aspects of BIM and GIS integration. Participation in the BIM-GIS integration Workshop is included in the 3D Geoinfo registration fee.

3D Cadastres symposium and training – 24 October

The 3D Cadastre symposium will present Centre for SDIs and Land Administration’s previous and current research topics related to 3D Cadastre. It will also provide training on the implementation of 3D digital cadastral systems.


To find out more about the conference and key dates please visit our conference website:

Please contact us at to join our mailing list for updates.


23 February

4th UN-GGIM Arab States Plenary Meeting

On the 23rd of February 2017, CSDILA Director, Professor Abbas Rajabifard gave a keynote speech at the 4th UN-GGIM Arab States Plenary Meeting in Doha, Qatar. Professor Abbas Rajabifard is the chair of the UN-GGIM Academic Network.


The UN-GGIM (United Nations on Global Geospatial Information Management; exists to address issues relating to the management and development of geospatial information from the local to global levels. It encompasses an Academic Network to capture the role and contributions of academia in global spatial information management.

The meeting agenda can be found here:


5 February

Welcome Professor Jacynthe Pouliot

We would like to welcome Professor Jacynthe Pouliot who is visiting CSDILA from the Université Laval in Quebec, Canada.

Professor Pouliot is from the Department of Geomatic Sciences and has expertise in 3D modelling, 3D cadastre applications, geospatial data integration and geospatial information systems. We are excited to collaborate with her.

 For her full profile, see


2 February

Welcome and Congratulations Professor Stig Enemark

Professor Stig Enemark visited CSDILA this week from Aalborg University, he is also the president of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG).  His visit was also a fantastic opportunity to present him with his award. 

On the occasion of the CSDILA 15 Year Celebration event in September 2016, Professor Enemark was awarded in recognition of his significant academic and professional contributions to the spatial discipline, and longstanding support of CSDILA. He was not able to attend this occasion, but he has now officially accepted his award.



19 December

Launch of New Book - 'Spatial Enablement in a Smart World'
Last week, at the 15th GSDI World Conference in Taipei, our team successfully delivered several research papers and, in collaboration with GSDI, Leuven University Belgium and the University of New Brunswick Canada, we released a refereed book entitled 'Spatial Enablement in a Smart World'.



28 November

This week a team led by Professor Abbas Rajabifard from CSDILA and collaborative partner, the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety (see, will be attending the 15th Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Conference in Taipei, Taiwon.
The team will be presenting a series of research papers related to smart cities and disaster management, and CDMPS will be holding a workshop with focus on the design and development of a Global Disaster Management Platform (GDMP) and a Smart Disaster Prevention.
To find out more about the Workshop, please visit



16-20 October

Professor Abbas Rajabifard delivered a plenary speech during the joint UN-GGIM International Forum on Policy and Legal Frameworks for Geospatial Information and the Fifth UN-GGIM-AP Plenary Meeting that was hosted by the Malaysian Government in Kuala Lumpur from 16th to 20th of October 2016.



28 September

Celebrating a 15 Year Journey – Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration

The year 2016 marks 15 years since the Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration (CSDILA) was opened in 2001. The past 15 years have seen CSDILA undertake world class research with a broad range of partners, and provide influence to governments and UN agencies on policy and decision making. CSDILA’s activities have pursued objectives set in a three-pillared approach; through the development of a world-class research program, a focused postgraduate training program, and a visiting scholar program.

To mark the occasion, a formal lunch was held to recognise the support and efforts of CSDILA’s industry partners and the University of Melbourne over the years, and the contribution, hard work and dedication of staff and students, both past and present, who have worked so well as a team and have been instrumental in the achievements of the Centre.

During the lunch a number of recognition awards were presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to the development and ongoing success of the Centre, as well as awards to acknowledge the important role of the Industry Advisory committee who have guided the Centre to success through their exemplary leadership and vision over the years.


27-28 September

CSDILA Hosts International Symposium on Smart Future Cities in Melbourne.

On September 27-28 the Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration successfully hosted the International Symposium on Smart Future Cities with a focus on The Role of Spatial Data and Urban Analytics, at the University of Melbourne. The event aimed to present and discuss the latest innovations, research and practice related to smart future cities, and attracted delegates internationally from over 10 countries, and nationally from a range of sectors across Australia.

Overall, more than 150 people attended the event and there were over 50 presentations on 8 key themes. The event began with a keynote session focusing on international and national smart city trends and issues, and followed with a number of parallel sessions focused on dedicated themes. In addition to the presentations, several sectors from academia, industry and government exhibited their recent smart initiatives to the audience. At the conclusion of the first day refreshments were served to encourage networking and collaboration opportunities and the opportunity to meet with PSMA Australia discussing in detail the G-NAF and GeoSpace initiatives, was offered in addition to tours of the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety, or a tour of the University of Melbourne.

The event continued on Wednesday with a second keynote session and a final parallel session. To conclude the event a formal lunch was held to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the Centre for SDIs and Land Administration which included awards and reflections on the work of the Centre over the past 15 years.

Overall, the symposium was very successful and fulfilled the objectives of the event which were to: present the latest innovation, research and practice; exchange ideas; establish and extend partnerships; develop a future research agenda; and contribute to knowledge.


Also, see our photo gallery for some snapshots from the event.


13 July

the 15th Global Spatial Data Infrastructure World Conference (GSDI 15) will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, Rep. of China, from 29 November to 2 December. The latest information and registration links are available from the official conference website at A research team from the CSDILA and CDMPS (Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety) from the University of Melbourne will attend, present and will conduct a workshop on disaster management at this important conference.  


7-8 July

GSDI Immediate Past President Professor Abbas Rajabifard made a congratulatory speech at the 6th Digital Earth Summit held in Beijing, China, on 7-8 July.


5-6 July

Professor Rajabifard and the delegate from the University of Melbourne attended the China-Australia Disaster Management International Symposium in Nanjing, China. 

15 June

We are pleased to announce that CSDILA has signed a research partnership agreement with Land Victoria. The partnership has been built on the long-standing collaboration between the two parties. In this agreement, CSDILA will assist with research and development into the ePlan capabilities of Land Victoria. The collaboration includes an investigation into the engineering of the ePlan visualisation and database management systems. It will focus on improving the quality of visualised ePlans and efficiency of the ePlan database management.


22-29 May

Professor Abbas Rajabifard visited Professor Jantien Stoter and her team during his visit to the Technical University of Delft in Netherlands.


17-19 May

Dr Sam Amirebrahimi presented his paper "A Planning Decision Support Tool for Assessment and 3D Visualisation of Flood Risk to Buildings" at the 56th Flooplain Management Australia conference which was held from 17 to 19 of May in Nowa, New South Wales.


2-6 May

Dr Mohsen Kalantari, Mr Behnam Atazadeh, Dr Sam Amirebrahimi, and Mr Farzad Alamdara presented their papers at the FIG 2016 conference which was held from 2-6 May in Christchurch, New Zealand.  



20-22 April

Professor Abbas Rajabifard was invited by UN to participate and deliver a keynote plenary talk at the 4th UN High Level Forum on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM), in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, April 20-22, 2016.

The United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM), in collaboration with the Government of Ethiopia and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), has hosted the 4th High Level Forum on United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management at UNECA’s Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 20-22 April 2016. The Forum was well attended by over 400 delegates from more than 75 countries and several international organisations. It was officially opened by the President of Ethiopia and a selected senior UN officials. The theme of the Forum was: Good Land Governance for 2030 Agenda. The topic of the keynote talk was "The 2030 Agenda, Cities and Urban Governance: A Central Role for Land and Geospatial Information". 


12-14 April

Ms Shima Rahmatizadeh presented her paper in the Locate16 conference which was held 12-14 April 2016 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

13 April

Prof Abbas Rajabifard was announced as "Asia Pacific 2015 Professional of the Year" at the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Award night as part of Locate 16 conference on April 13, 2016. This award recognises a person who demonstrates achievements deemed by their peers in the industry to be exemplary in promoting the spatial profession and is considered to be at the pinnacle of their career.

This is awarded annually by the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute. This award followed on from Abbas having been a winner of an Individual Award category at the Victorian Excellence Awards (VSEA) in September 2015, and subsequently being shortlisted for the 2015 National Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA) Individual Awards.


5 April

The first workshop on UADI was held on 5th April in the Williamson room, Department of Infrastructure Engineering, The University of Melbourne. The workshop was chaired by Prof. Abbas Rajabifard (Project Leader). Representitives from other partner universities - The University of New South Wales, The University of Queensland, The University of Western Australia, University of Wollongong, University of Canberra - were present.


Professor Harlan Onsurd of the University of Maine was with CSDILA in February and March as a visiting scholar. Harlan is a professor and faculty member in the Spatial Informatics faculty in the University of Maine.


11 September

Professor Rajabifard was awarded with the "SSSI Professional of the Year"at the Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards 2015. The team congratulates him for this prestigious award.

For further reading please visit:


7-11 September

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard and Mr. Ged Griffin travelled to Santiago in Chile to further engagement and research collaboration between the University of Melbourne and Chilean organisations related to disaster management and public safety, and also SDIs and land administration. 

1 August

CSDILA congratulates Dr Serene Ho and Dr Davood Shojaei on receiving their Doctorate degree on the first of August at the University of Melbourne. Davood and Serene's research was as part of the Land and Property Information in 3D project and contributed to the International research on the 3D Cadastre.  



28-31 July

Professor Rajabifard and Dr Ho, and Dr Olfat attended the13th South East Asian Survey Congress that was held on 28-31 July in Singapore and presented the Centre's research. Professor Rajabifard provided the keynote of the conference.


8 May

Following a 3-month long visit of Ms Vanessa Guzman Mesa’s from Los Andes University Colombia (Universidad De Los Andes – Uniandes), she returned to her home country today. Vanessa's conducted a research related to Disaster Management with the CDMPS during her visit.


9 April

Professor Rajabifard, Dr Mohsen Kalantari, Dr Katie Potts and Dr Benny Chen visited the NSW Rural Fire Services.


17 March

Ms Denise McKenzie, the executive director of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) visited CSDILA and met with Professor Abbas Rajabifard and Professor David Coleman.



3 February

The Centre was visited by South Korean delegates attending the International Symposium on "Smart Future Cities: The Role of 3D Land, Property and Cadastre Information" held in the University of Melbourne.




2-3 February

The Centre hosted experts from Australia, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Denmark, the Americas and Asia from various universities and industry organisations as part of the "International Symposium on Smart Future Cities: The Role of 3D Land and Property and Cadastre Information". This symposium was held on 2nd and 3rd of February in the University of Melbourne.




11 December

Earlier this week, Professor Francisco Escobar from the Department of Geography at the University of Alcalá visited CSDILA. His expertise lies in areas of spatial modelling, geographic information systems and cellular automata. The Centre also hosted a visitor from South Korea, Dr Hosang Sakong, Director of Geospatial Information Research Division at Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements.


(l-r) Prof. Ian Williamson and Prof. Abbas Rajabifard with Prof. Francisco Escobar


Dr Hosang Sakong with Prof. Abbas Rajabifard and Dr Changsup Han, Head of Youngsan Park Planning OfficeMinistry of Land Infrastructure and Transportation, Republic of Korea

11 December

A delegation of seven members, led by Mr Ahmad Fauzi Nordin from Land Surveyors Board Malaysia, visited CSDILA on 11 December to learn more on the topic of ‘3D Smart City’ and the University of Melbourne’s surveying programs for their accreditation for surveyor licensing in Malaysia.

Centre Director Prof. Abbas Rajabifard with Mr Ahmad Fauzi Nordin, Chairman of Land Surveyors Board Malaysia.          

15-17 November

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard will attend and present at GI Research 2014: The First ISPRS International Conference of Geospatial Information Research at the University of Tehran in Iran. He will be presenting a keynote speech there.


9-11 November

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard and Dr Mohsen Kalantari and in Dubai to attend and present at the 4th International FIG 3D Cadastre Workshop. Prof. Rajabifard is presenting the keynote address and both he and Dr Mohsen Kalantari are also presenting a paper. More on the workshop programme can be found here:


19-25 October

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard will be in China from 19 to 25 October. From 22 to 24 October, he will attend the Third High Level Forum on UN Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) which will be held in Beijing. There, Prof. Rajabifard will deliver the keynote address at the UN-GGIM forum on ‘Sustainable Development with Geospatial Information’. Visit here for more information on the forum. He will also visit several universities and research centres in China during his visit.


14-15 October

Head of Function Policy and Governance, Ulla Kronborg Mazzoli from the Danish Ministry of the Environment, Danish Geodata Agency, visited CSDILA on 14 and 15 October. She is part of the EU expert pool as an SDI adviser for EU associate countries. She is a member of the INSPIRE Committee as well as a member of the executive board of the Danish Association for Geographic Information.

7 October

The Cadastral Template 2.0 is launched in the "Annual Meeting of FIG Commission 7" in Quebec, Canada. For more information, please download the powerpoint document of this launch using this link.


30 September

CSDILA is pleased to announce that its partner research centre the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety (CDMPS) has officially opened its research lab. Please video the CDMPS launch video here:


29 September

CSDILA held its annual advisory committee meeting on 29 September and also celebrated Prof. Ian Williamson's birthday. Prof. Williamson is a senior adviser of CSDILA and also the Centre's founder.


22 September

A delegation from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, visited the Centre for a benchmarking visit. The delegation's purpose of their visit was to establish a benchmark for their aim to set up a centre of excellence on land administration and management for Ethiopia following the request of the Ethiopian Government.



8-12 September

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard will be in the Netherlands as a key speaker for Geodesign Summit Europe. He will also be visiting ITC at University of Twenty and also Delft University of Technology.  The Geodesign Summit Europe will explore how geodesign professionals can incorporate GIS into their discipline to build safer, smarter and more resilient communities.


20 August 2014

Centre Director Prof. Abbas Rajabifard will be in Canberra on Aug 20 to attend a roundtable discussion for AusAid on disaster management.


4 August 2014

Dr Don Grant and Dr David Mitchell from RMIT University visited CSDILA on 4 August to discuss plans for collaboration for greater visibility to geospatial science research.


7-11 July 2014

Professor Rajabifard was invited by the Chilean Ministry of National Property to deliver the keynote for the "International Seminar on Building Society with Geospatial Information" in Santiago. Additionally, as part of this trip, he met with a number of authorities (in particular the national office for emergency) and universities.


30 June 2014

On 30 June, a 17-member delegation of Chinese government officials from various provinces in China visited the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety in an all-day seminar. Mr Xu Jianzhong, Director General, Emergency Management Office of the People's Government of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said the purpose of the visit was for Chinese Emergency Management officials to learn from Australia on how to better manage floods. The Intelligent Disaster Decision Support System and its flood model was demonstrated to the delegation.




16-21 June 2014

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard wasin Kuala Lumpur from 16 to 21 June for FIG Congress 2014 Engaging the Challenges – Enhancing the Relevance. He presented 'The Cadastral Template 2.0, From Design to Implementation' there.


11 June 2014

On 11 June, our BNHCRC project team presented the scope, potential methods and expected outcomes of the BNHCRC project to the 'AFAC Business Management Group Meeting' held in Melbourne.


31 May 2014

On 31 May, Dr Malka Halgamuge, a Research Fellow at the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety, was interviewed by ABC News on the effect of tram substations on public safety. Watch the video here:


28 May 2014

The Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety warmly welcomes Dr Malka Halgamuge as Research Fellow. Malka has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and her PhD thesis was on ‘Performance Evaluation and Enhanecment of Mobile and Sensor Networks. She has been a Research Fellow at the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering since 2010 and joined CDMPS as a Research Fellow in May 2014. Her full bio can be found at


21 May 2014

The seventh joint Natural Disaster Management Research Initiative (NDMRI) and Australia Disaster Management Platform (ADMP) seminar took place on 21 May and featured a presentation introducing the newly established Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety. The seminar attracted over 80 people from government, industry and academia and was a great success. Following the seminar very positive feedback about the Centre was received and a good level of interest to become involved in the Centre was raised.



13 May 2014

We are pleased to invite you to the fourth joint Natural Disaster Management Research Initiative (NDMRI) and Australia Disaster Management Platform (ADMP) seminar for 2014. This session will be a special 2 hour session which includes a light lunch from 12-12.30pm. The session will introduce the newly established Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety, which is a university-wide multi-disciplinary centre formed to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the disaster management space.
RSVPs are not required, however if you have any dietary requirements please notify Katie Potts –


12 May 2014

We are hosting a visitor from the Netherlands, Dr Arbind Tuladhar from ITC, Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation at the University of Twente. Dr Tuladhar is an expert in Land Administration and will be visiting our Centre for the next two months.


29 April 2014

Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety official launch

Since the University’s partnership with IBM Australia last year to develop and progress the Australian Disaster Management Platform (ADMP), a decision was made to establish a focused research hub to conduct multi-disciplinary research and training on disaster management and public safety. As part of the Department’s role in leading ADMP on the University’s behalf, we have established a new Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety (CDMPS), which was launched on April 29 at the APCO (Association of Public Safety Communication Officials) Australasia conference which was held in Melbourne.
The launch of the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety was a success with an influx of positive feedback and requests for further engagement as a result of the event.


14-24 April 2014

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, recently for the annual IECHE (The International Exhibition & Conference on Higher Education). This year’s event featured 75 workshops presented by leading academics from around the world.


28 March 2014

The new Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety was featured in Pursuit, a new magazine showcasing research at the University of Melbourne. Read more about how the new centre aims to go beyond the Australian context of disaster management and take research to a global level. For the full article, visit


24-27 March 2014

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard was in Washington from March 24-27 for the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty. He was invited to give a talk on Australia Disaster Management Platform. The 2014 conference's theme was "Land Governance in the Post-2015 Agenda: Harnessing Synergies for Implementation and Monitoring Impact".


14 March 2014

CSDILA congratulates Dr Katie Potts on receiving her Doctorate degree on 14 March at the University of Melbourne.  



27-28 February 2014

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard was invited by National University of Singapore to visit Singapore Tropical Marine Science Institute and also a visit to Urban Re-Development Authority during 27-28 February 2014. As part of the visit Abbas delivered two talks, one on “Marine SDI” and one on “3D Land and Property Management and data access to support Liveability”.  Potential work was also discussed and the positive feedback received for further collaboration and research.



29 January 2014

The land and property information in 3D team will be presenting their work in the joint SSSI and ISV seminar which will be held on Wednesday, January 29th in Melbourne.  

14 December 2013

CSDILA congratulates Ali Aien on receiving his Doctorate on 14 December at the University of Melbourne.  


27 November 2013

A high-level delegation comprising 18 representatives across federal and state government departments from Malaysia including representatives from the Departments of Lands and Mines, Survey and Mapping and Finance; Malaysia’s Mass Rapid Transit Corporation and the Iskandar Development Region (Southern Malaysia). Representatives were mostly interested in learning more about the Department’s 3D Land and Property Management project as well as research on marine cadastres.


19 November 2013

The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of Melbourne on 19 November 2013 to work cooperatively in the development of training, higher education and research in the public safety realm.


19 November 2013

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard and a group comprising Mr Ged Griffin, Mr David Williams, Mr Geoff Spring, Mr Jan Wandek and Prof. Daniel Paez are in New York for the The Next Generation Public Safety symposium, held at the New York Academy of Sciences, to discuss the latest breakthroughs in disaster management and to introduce a new disaster management platform. Prof. Rajabifard will showcase the first public demonstration of the Australia Disaster Management Platform (ADMP), a new system for collating and distributing information during a crisis.

After the symposium in New York, Prof. Rajabifard will be a guest of Prof. Paez of Los Andes University, Bogota, Colombia. Prof. Rajabifard will give two talks there, including one keynote presentation at the International Surveying Congress.


11 October 2013

The University of Melbourne approved the Centre's International Disaster Management proposal. This marks the project's expansion into countries such as Chile, Brazil, Colombia and China.


8 October 2013


The ADMP team held their first Disaster Management and Public Safety seminar organised jointly with the NDMRI group. The seminar was well attended with over 70 people from across industry, the University, and other universities within Melbourne.  The ADMP team would like to thank everyone who attended for their participation and support of the research being conducted within the field of disaster management and public safety. We look forward to a successful seminar series in the future. 

Professor Abbas Rajabifard and ADMP team members greeting attendees at the seminar.


2 October 2013

Seminar with Land Victoria was held to discuss and explored land research with the Centre. Key Centre personnel such as Prof. Abbas Rajabifard, Dr Mohsen Kalantari and Prof. Ian Bishop, along with PhD Candidates and centre researchers presented their research and engaged with Land Victoria in this seminar.


1 October 2013

Dr Kim Jin and Mr Lee Kil Jae from the Spatial Information Research Institute Korea Cadastral Survey Corp. visited the centre today.  


30 September 2013

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard is back from a productive trip to Dubai for the “Geo-Empower Middle East Summit”. There were several discussions with government bodies from various countries and private corporations and Prof. Rajabifard says that these talks were promising with “potential for future collaboration” and joint initiatives on Centre projects and research such as Aurin and Ands, 3D Land Management and VGI Mapping.

30 September 2013

Abbas Rajabifard delivered a plenary talk in the  Human Factors in Crises and Disasters Thematic Conference 2013, focusing on the ADMP project.The conference brought together the world’s best expertise and experience in dealing with all aspects of the human factors associated with natural and man-made crises and disasters.
For further details regarding the conference, please visit the conference website:




16-18 September 2013

Professor Abbas Rajabifard was in Dubai for the “Geo-Empower Middle East Summit” from 16-18 September. He chaired the summit which features the theme “Geospatial technology for strengthening economy and Advancing National Priorities”. The three-day summit featured industry leaders, case studies, interactive panel talks and roundtable discussions which touched on key themes such as geospatial growth in the region and the latest geospatial technologies.

For more information, go to


13 September 2013

We are happy to announce that Dr Allison Kealy (PhD Geodesy, BSc Surveying), Associate Professor in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, was awarded the SSSI Educational Development Award at the 9th Annual Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards (VSEA) on 12 September. The Awards celebrate the achievements of top spatial information enterprises and showcase the finest projects that the Victorian Spatial Industry has to offer.


13 September 2013

Mr Teo Cheehai, the president of FIG visited the Centre on the September 13th. He visited Melbourne for the Victorian Spatial Summit.


10 September 2013

The Surveyor General of India, Dr Swarna Subba Rao, visited the Centre on the September 10th. He visited Melbourne for the Victorian Spatial Summit.




15 August 2013

On August 15th Professor Abbas Rajabifard spoke at the upcoming Continuity Forum members meeting in Melbourne on the topic of: Australian Disaster Management Platform – Next Generation of Disaster Management.

Continuity Forum Pty Ltd is an active network of organisations that share an interest in seeing that their business continuity and disaster recovery plans are resilient and continually reviewed. The presentation introduced the Australian Disaster Management Platform – ADMP and discussed the aims and challenges of the project.

The details of the meeting and an extended summary of the topic can be found on the Continuity Forum website:


8 August 2013

The North and West Data Integration and Demonstrator Project Showcase was held on Thursday, 8 August, atWoodward Conference Centre, the University of Melbourne.


5 August 2013

Professor Ian Williamson AM was awarded an Honorary Doctrate in Surveying by the University of Melbourne. This award is because of Ian's recognized contributions to research, his profession and academia. Please click here to download the citation for Ian's Honarary Doctrate.

5 August 2013

Mr Brian Marwick graduated from his Masters degree and received his certificate. Congratulations to Brian for this great achievement.


24 July 2013

A Chinese delegation of 18 members from Ningxia Administrative Bureau of Public Re-sources Trading visited the Department 24 July.


22-25 June 2013

Mr Sam Amirebrahimi attended the inaugural Multi-Hazards Summer School held at Tohoku University in Japan on 23-25 July 2013 and presented the Australia Disaster Management Platform (ADMP) and Centre's activities around disaster management to the international audience.

Sam Amirebrahimi presenting ADMP project in Japan


21-30 June 2013

Jill Urban-Karr, the executive vice president of Stewart Global Solutions, US, visited the Centre. The main purpose of the visit to discuss the potential collaboration in land administration domain between Centre and the SGS.

13-14 May 2013

Professor Abbas Rajabifard and Mr. Brian Marwick attended and presented at the VANZI Conference, 13 –14 May, 2013 at Australian Technology Park, Sydney. It brings together Local, State and Federal regulators, utilities, property owners and professionals, financiers & insurers who have an interest in every phase of the property cycle, as well as technology providers.

8 May 2013

Professor Abbas Rajabifard recently accepted his fellowship award from Engineers Australia at the Industry Fellows Lunch: Securing Australia’s Energy Future, Capitalising on Victoria's engineering expertise, 8 May 2013 at Zinc, Federation Square.


24 April 2013

On the 24 April 2013, the first Australia Disaster Management Platform Workshop was held. The workshop was well attended with approximately 35 attendees from across the University of Melbourne, including members of the CSDILA team. The Melbourne School of Engineering Dean Professor Iven Mareels opened the workshop highlighting the importance of collaboration in developing a richer and smarter platform for all Hazards research. The aim of the workshop was to introduce the ADMP concepts and strategic direction, to work with participants on the architecture of the platform with IBM presenting the first conceptual plan and to discuss the opportunities for collaboration and participation. The second hour of the presentation involved a facilitated discussion focussing on the four topics of Data, Services, Models and Visualisation. The ADMP management committee are now coordinating the suggestions and inputs from participants and are now working towards funding opportunities through the Carlton Connect Scheme. If you are interested in partnering with a Carlton Connect submission please contact Abbas Rajabifard –


16-19 April 2013

Professor Abbas Rajabifard attended the Annual International Exhibition and Conference on Higher Education (IECHE) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 16 – 19 April. He was part of a University delegation led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Engagement).

8-11 April 2013

Professor Abbas Rajabifard traveled to Washington, USA to presented and chaired sessions at the Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty.

16 March 2013

CSDILA congratulates Nilofer Christensen, Hamed Olfat, Muyiwa Agunbiade and Heri Sultana on receiving their Doctorates on 16 March at the University of Melbourne.  Heri was unable to attend the ceremony, since he is currently working in Indonesia, but will receive his degree by correspondence.

Conferring of Degrees

Abbas Chennai

14 March 2013

The University of Melbourne, IBM and NICTA are collaborating on developing innovative, integrated, open standards based whole-systems disaster-management platform expected to be implemented in stages over the next few years. The platform will enable all those involved in the planning for, responses to and the recovery from multi-hazard disasters including communities to make swift, effective decisions, based on comprehensive, accurate, real-time information.
The platform will draw on vast amounts of geo-spatial and infrastructure information from multiple data sets (including many sets already in existence), bring these together, facilitate discovery and then integrate and analyse the data to create real-time, practical information streams on disaster events and to develop simulation and optimisation models.
This practical information will then be communicated at appropriate levels of detail, to the wide spectrum of people involved making emergency decisions.


21 February 2013

A 3D workshop was held to discuss the important issues and challenges facing 3D land and property information. We designed this workshop to encourage debate and discussion of three key areas facing 3D cadastres in the world today:

      1. 3D digital land and property information – Which data for what purpose/s?
      2. What are the opportunities and impediments in realising a 3D digital land and property information system?
      3. What changes are necessary for the adoption of a 3D digital land and property information system?
The workshop was held on Thursday, Feb 21 in The University of Melbourne, Parkville campus: Map (Building No.1 in the campus map).

18 February 2013

This week CSDILA welcomes our international guests: Prof. Stig Enemark (Denmark), Daniel Steudler (Switzerland), Tatiana Delgado (Cuba) and from interstate, Kevin McDougall (Qld).

13 February 2013

We congratulate four of the Centre’s PhD students who have recently completed their studies: Heri Sutanta, Muyiwa Agunbiade, Hamed Olfat and Nilofer Christensen, Feb, 2013.

4-6 February 2013

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard attended and presented at the Second High level Forum on Global Geospatial Information Management, an UN initiative held in Qatar, 4–6 Feb, 2013.

21-23 January 2013

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard and leading academics recently returned from Chennai, India where they were asked to co-host an international workshop titled: Spatially enabled nations: Workshop on a meta-integrative framework towards improving Disaster Management practices in India and Australia in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and University of Madras.

Abbas Chennai

Abbas Chennai

January 2013

The Centre for SDIs and Land Administration received a certificate of appreciation for participating in Melbourne Knowledge Week 2012. For further information click here.

Knowledge Melbourne

10 December 2012

CSDILA wishes our friends, colleagues and visitors a very merry and safe Christmas and all the best for the New Year, 2013.

7 December 2012

We congratulate Abbas Rajabifard, who was elected as a Fellow of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute and was awarded his certificate on the 7 December 2012. He was also recently elected as a Fellow of Engineers Australia.

Abbas Rajabifard awarded his sssi certificate

25 November–4 December 2012

Professor Ian Williamson AM attended FIG 8, the Regional FIG Conference in Montevideo, Uruguay from 25–29 November, 2012 where he presented the Centre’s work on AAA land information, and the FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting 2012 and International Symposium, San Luis, Argentina, 30 November–4 December 2012.

28 November 2012

CSDILA hosted the ‘North West Melbourne Data Integration Project’ workshop 28 November 2012 from 12:15–4:30pm, University House, the University of Melbourne.
For further information click here.

21 November 2012

Dr Kalantari is one of 12 young Victorian scientists to win a prestigious Victoria Fellowship. He received the Fellowship on Wednesday 21 November at the State Library of Victoria from the Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business Louise Asher. Mohsen is focusing his attention to develop solutions to the growing problem of poor quality or wrong crowd sourced data being incorporated into online maps.

The Victoria Fellowships, each worth $18,000, were first awarded by the Victorian Government in 1998 to recognise young researchers with leadership potential and to enhance their future careers, while developing new ideas which could offer commercial benefit to Victoria.

Dr Kalantari is one of 12 young Victorian scientists

13 November 2012

CSDILA hosted the seminar ‘National Land Administration Information Infrastructure Research’ on the 13 Nov 2012. The event highlighted the importance for a national land administration infrastructure (NIMLI) to support sustainable development in identifying the drivers, components and a framework needed for efficient management of land and property. Other land-related study conducted at the Centre, such as Land and Property Management in 3D and Spatial Metadata Automation was also presented and a summary of the Centre’s research can be viewed at:

2 November 2012

RHD students of the Centre atended and presented at the IE Postgraduate Conference 2012.
Mr. Davood Shojaei, PhD Candidate, was awarded as the best paper presented at the Postgraduate Conference in Geomatics discipline, 2 November 2012.

24-26 October 2012

Ms. Serene Ho and Mr. Davood Shojaei participated and presented at the Third International FIG Workshop on 3D Cadastres, 24 – 26 October, Shenzhen, China.

25 October 2012

Congratulations goes to Aastha Sharma and Isabel Pacheco, the undergraduate students affiliated with our 3D project, who won one out of two awards available for 'Best Project' at the recent Melbourne School of Engineering's annual Endeavour Design Expo, open to the public and industry, for their project entitled ‘3D Property Map and the Institution of Property & Land Administration in Victoria'.

10–12 October 2012

Prof Abbas Rajabifard attended the SMART Geospatial Expo 2012. He did deliver the keynote address at the International Conference on Sharing Geospatial Technology, Experience, Knowledge, CoEX, Seoul, South Korea, 10–12 October 2012.

20 September 2012

Dr Ida Jazayeri presented on ‘Land and Property Management in 3D’ run by SSSI, ISV and SRBV – Land Surveying Seminar, ParkLake Hotel, Shepparton, 20 September 2012.

12 September 2012

Dr Abolghasem Sadeghi-Niaraki, a visiting academic from Inha University, Republic of Korea, gave a presentation as a general departmental seminar about “Ubiquitous based infrastructure engineering projects in South Korea”.

The fast growing ubiquitous infrastructure technologies are capable of improving current urban management and infrastructure planning and development potentials. These technological advancement urban infrastructure developments have recently invented a new paradigm of intelligent infrastructure provision in South Korea. This new paradigm, so called ubiquitous infrastructure, is a combination of urban infrastructures, information and communication technologies and digital networks. Ubiquitous infrastructure refers to an urban infrastructure system where anyone can access any services regardless of time and location via any devices. This presentation introduces these new schemes via ubiquitous based infrastructure engineering projects in South Korea and discusses the constructive effects of these projects on Korean cities to achieve sustainable urban development.

10 September 2012

We welcome Prof Adam Iwaniak, an academic visitor to the Centre, from the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformatics, Poland, 10 September 2012.

10 September 2012

We welcome Hon. Senior Reseach Fellow, Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse, from SKM who will work with CSDILA these next two years., 10 September 2012.

10 September 2012

The Centre welcomes Alireza, a new PhD student now with us, 10 September 2012.

3 September 2012

Dr Arzu Çöltekin, senior researcher and lecturer of Department of Geography, University of Zurich, Switzerland, visited the centre.

30 August 2012

Professor Thomas H. Kolbe, Director of the Institute for Geodesy and Geoinformation Science, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, visited the Centre and gave an informative presentation to the research team.

28 August 2012

The Geomatics team representing the Melbourne university won the ISPRS 2012 soccer tournament. There were 6 teams participating from different countries in this competition. The Geomatics team including Mohsen Kalantari(staff), Ali Aien and Sam Amirebrahimi (PhD students), Majid Kiavarz and Abolghasem Sadeghi-Niaraki (visitors) defeated teams from Germany, France and the RMIT university and won the first ever ISPRS soccer competition. The competition was held in Albert Park on the afternoon of 28 August as part of the ISPRS congress social events.

Visit the photo gallery for more photos.

28 August 2012

Dr Mohsen Kalantari wins Australia-China Young Researchers Exchange Program Fellowship.

This is an annual exchange scheme for young researchers between Australia and China. Dr Mohsen Kalantari from the Centre for SDIs and Land Administration, Department of Infrastructure Engineering will visit Chinese Universities and research institutes to facilitate long term collaboration. This program is a joint initiative funded by the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE) and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). The program supports exchange between the two countries from all universities/research institutions. The program facilitates future long term science and research collaboration between Australia and China by bringing together future research leaders from both countries in order to foster long term relationships. It also develops early and mid-career Australian and Chinese researchers by increasing their understanding of the cultures, and particularly the science and research practices and systems, of the two countries and developing their leadership skills as future “science ambassadors” for Australia and China.

27 August 2012

A/Professor Nakagawa Masafum, from Geoinformatics Lab, Shibaura Institute of Technology section, Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, Tokyo, Japan, visited the centre.

27 August 2012

Due to the ISPRS Congress held in Melbourne, the Centre received visits by delegates from: US, Candada, India, Japan, Poland, South Africa, Malaysia, Iran and Germany.

25 August–1 September 2012

A research team from the Centre presented at the XXII Congress of the ISPRS at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Professor Abbas Rajabifard, Sam Amirebrahimi and Ali Aien presented. Professor Rajabifard did also chair a session on Sunday 26 September, 11.00am–12.30pm.

20 August 2012

Professor Ayman Habib, Head of the Department of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary, Canada, visited the Centre and gave an informative presentation to the research team.

20 August 2012

We are delighted to welcome Ms Felicity Clissold to our Centre as the new Communications Manager.

16 July 2012

The Centre for SDIs and Land Administration did conduct a workshop on Land Research mainly on part of its NIMLI ARC project. The 3D Land and Property project was also presented at this workshop to update the industry partners and also to showcase the relevance between the two projects.

4 June 2012

We are delighted to welcome Dr Daniel Paez, a transport planner, from Colombia to the Centre as a visiting scholar.

2 June 2012

We are delighted to welcome Dr Abolghasem Sadeghi-Niaraki to the Centre as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. Abolghasem was awarded the Endeavour Research Fellowship by the Australian Government. He is a full-time lecturer of GIS & IT and faculty member in the Dept. of Geo-Informatic Eng. at INHA University, South Korea.

29-31 May 2012

Mr Sam Amirebrahimi visited Brisbane to attend the "airports of the future" conference in Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC). The aim of this conference was to showcase the progress of the research and recent activities within the government funded "airports of the future" project from 2011.

24 May 2012

Mr Patrick Meehan, Director of Land Surveying for East Coast operations, from VEKTA, visited the centre and discussed about the project of Land and Property Management in 3D.

17 May 2012

Professor Abbas Rajabifard receiving the GSDI medal

Head of the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, Professor Abbas Rajabifard has been awarded the GSDI Medal at the 2012 Global Spatial Conference in Quebec, Canada.

Professor Rajabifard was presented with this prestigious medal in honour of his service to the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association. Professor Rajabifard has been serving as President of this organisation since 2009.

The Global Spatial Conference was attended by over 680 professionals and government delegates from 56 countries, the UN and other international agencies and industries.

The Melbourne School of Engineering congratulates Professor Rajabifard on this significant honour in recognition of his excellent work.

14–17 May 2012

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard, Ms. Katie Potts, and Ms. Serene Ho attended and presented at the GSDI 13 World Conference in Québec, Canada, 14–17 May 2012.

6–10 May 2012

Dr Mohsen Kalantari and Ms. Nilo Tambuwala attended and presented at FIG Working Week 2012 in Rome, Italy, 6–10 May 2012.

21–22 April 2012

Led by Dr Mohsen Kalantari, a team from the Centre for SDIs and Land Administration (CSDILA) participated in the 2012 International Space Apps Challenge organised by NASA. The team included Amir Nasr (Research Associate, IE), and postgraduate students Davood Shojaei (PhD, IE) and Moein Ghodrati (Masters student, CSSE). The CSDILA team developed a real-time hazard map application, "Watch-Out", that is powered by social media observations to help provide useful risk information in crisis situations. This application was developed in less than 48 hours during the event. The application was chosen from the Melbourne leg of the Challenge to be put forward for international judging. This year, NASA simultaneously hosted the challenge in 25 cities in 17 countries on all seven continents as well as online. Watch-Out will be featured by NASA for the global judging process in Melbourne, Australia, 21–22 April 2012.

19–20 April 2012

Dr Mohsen Kalantari and Mr Brian Marwick attended and presented at the SSSI National Land Surveying Conference in Melbourne, Australia, 19–20 April 2012.

18 April 2012

Mr Jim Curnow and Mr Michael Burdett, Manager Directors of Alexander Symonds, visited the centre and discussed about the project of Land and Property Management in 3D, 18 April 2012.

3 April 2012

We are delighted to welcome Professor Stéphane Roche to the Centre as a visiting scholar. Stéphane is a full professor of Geographical Information Sciences in the Department of Geomatics Sciences at the Université Laval in Québec, Canada. He was the chair of the Department from June 2007 to May 2011. He was also involved in the Center for Research in Geomatics (CRG), first as Assistant Director and then as Interim Director from 2004 through 2006., 15 March 2012.

3 April 2012

We are delighted to welcome Mr Eric Mwaikambo, a PhD candidate from Ardhi University in Tanzania, to the Centre as a visiting scholar for three months from April – June, 2012.

2 April 2012

We are delighted to welcome Mr Majid Kiavarz, a PhD candidate from Tehran University in Iran, to the Centre as a visiting scholar, 2 April 2012.

15 March 2012

Mr Jim Curnow, Manager Director of Alexander Symonds, visited the centre and discussed about the Land and Property Management in 3D project, 15 March 2012.

8 March 2012

Dr Richard Simpson from nextspace, New Zealand, and Mr Sudarshan Ramachandran from VPAC visited the centre and gave a presentation about 3D visualisation, 8 March 2012.

8–10 February 2012

Mr Muyiwa Agunbiade attended and presented at the 6th Australasian Housing Researchers Conference held in The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia, 8–10 February, 2012.

2 February 2012

Mr Kevin Tasker (Infrastructure Solution Sales, Bentley Systems, Australia), Mr John Taylor (Industry Solutions Director, Bentley Systems, Australia), and Mr Dionnald Beh Boonheng (Geospatial Senior Application Engineer, Bentley Systems, Malaysia, ‘via Skype’) visited the centre and discussed about the Land and Property Management in 3D project, 2 February 2012.

January 2012

We are delighted to welcome Ms Rose Macey to our Centre as the new Executive Assistant to the Head of Department and Director of the Centre, Professor Abbas Rajabifard, January, 2012.

12–15 December 2011

Professor Abbas Rajabifard, Head of the IE Department and Director of the CSDILA, attended the Eye On Earth summit in Abu Dhabi, UAE, 12–15 December, 2011.

23–25 November 2011

Ms Nilofer Tambuwala, Ms Katie Potts, and Mr Sam Amirebrahimi attended and presented at the "SSSC 2011" conference in Wellington, New Zealand, 23–25 November, 2011.

16–18 November 2011

Dr Ida Jazayeri and Mr Ali Aien attended “2nd International Workshop on 3D Cadastres” and presented the paper “Advanced Principles of 3D Cadastral Data Modelling", 16–18 November, 2011 in Delft, the Netherlands.

3D Cadastre Workshop

1 November 2011

Professor Abbas Rajabifard, Director of CSDILA, and President of the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) Association, had an interview with FutureGov Asia Pacific Magazine about indirect effects of social networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter on the SDI. To read the full interview,  please click here.

24–26 October 2011

Professor Abbas Rajabifard, Director of CSDILA, attended the First High Level Forum on UN Global Geospatial Information Management in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 24–26 October, 2011.

October 2011

Abbas Rajabifard, Director of the Centre for SDIs and Land Administration, has been promoted to full Professor at the University of Melbourne.

We are proud to announce that Abbas Rajabifard, Director of the Centre for SDIs & Land Administration, was promoted to full Professor in the recent round of the Melbourne University promotions.

As well as the great work that Abbas is doing in the Center he is highly regarded for the work that he does within the International Organisations (GSDI, UN PCGIAP) more generally on spatial enablement, sustainable city development using SDI and land administration.

We are very proud of his high faculty achievements in all areas of teaching, research, and service, and we thank him for representing our Centre so well.

5–7 October 2011

The 4th UN sponsored Land Administration Forum for the Asia Pacific Region “Beyond Spatial Enablement” along with the 10 year Anniversary Celebration of CSDILA was a major success as it witnessed reputable international personalities attending the seminar and sharing their expertise and contributing to a great extent to the outcomes of the event. The event was concluded with the 10 year anniversary celebrations of the center. Details, presentations, and photos of the event

5 October 2011

Arc-Linkage project “Land and Property Management in 3D” was successfully launched on the 5th of october, 2011, The University of Melbourne. More information

5–7 October 2011

4th UN sponsored Land Administration Forum for the Asia and Pacific Region — “Beyond Spatial Enablement” along with the 10 years celebration of CSDILA from the 5th–7th October 2011, The University of Melbourne. For more information.

27–28 September 2011

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard, Director, Center for SDIs and Land Administration, has attended the Eye On Earth summit as a member of framework committee in Abu Dhabi, UAE, 27–28 September, 2011.

15 September 2011

The article titled “A synchronisation approach to automate spatial metadata updating process” which was published by Hamed Olfat, Abbas Rajabifard and Mohsen Kalantari in Coordinates Magazine (Volume VI, Issue 3, March 2010) has been listed as one of the “Most Viewed” articles in the Coordinates Magazine Website ( with more than 4, 800 views. This article has been an output of the “Spatial Metadata Automation” ARC-Linkage Project.

14 September 2011

Mr Sam Amirebrahimi, PhD student in the Center for SDI and LA, was awarded SSSI Postgraduate Student Winner 2011 at the Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards (VSEA) gala dinner, Melbourne, Australia.

3D Cadastre Workshop 3D Cadastre Workshop

7 September 2011

The Honourable Mathew Guy, Minister of Planning visited the Centre for SDIs and Land Administartion, The University of Melbourne, Australia, 7 September 2011.

Minister of Planning

14 September 2011

A research team from the Centre for SDIs & LA attended and presented at “SSSi Victorian Spatial Summit 2011", 14 September, 2011, Melbourne, Australia.

29 August 2011

Mr Mohammad Reza Namazi Rad from SMART Infrastructure Facility, University of Wollongong, visited the Centre, 29 August 2011.

19 August 2011

Ms. Liz Marchant, Executive Director in the ANZLIC National Office, and A/professor Kevin McDougall, Associate Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Surveying, The University of Southern Queensland, visited the Centre.

18 August 2011

Prof. Dr Milan Konecny from Masaryk University (Czech Repoblic), past-president of ICA & vice-president of International Society for Digital Earth, and also Dr Temenoujka Bandrova from University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (Sofia, Bulgaria) visited the Centre.

4-8 July 2011

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard, Director, Center for SDIs and Land Administration, has attended the 25th International Cartographic Conference (ICC) in Paris, France, with the theme “Enlightened view on Cartography and GIS”.  This conference was participated by over 1400 from 87 countries. As part of the conference, Abbas as President of GSDI Association has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Prof Bill Cartwright, the President of International Cartographic Association (ICA). The purpose of this MoU is for better Collaboration and future activities and to provide a framework for a continuing liaison between the two GSDI and ICA Associations.

During the conference and on Monday July 4th, there was also an official Annual meeting of the Joint Board of International Geospatial Societies (JB-GIS) in which Abbas has also attended as a member of this Board.

In addition to this, on the 5th July, Abbas has attended the Arctic SDI International Advisory Meeting. Recently Abbas has been invited to be an International member of the Arctic SDI which is an initiative in Arctic region with 8 countries (Canada; Denmark-Greenland and the Faroe Islands; Finland; Iceland; Norway; Russian Federation; Sweden; and United States of America).  The aim of Arctic SDI is to jointly develop an SDI platform to enable pan-Arctic science and societal decisions.

22-24 June 2011

Director, Center for SDIs and Land Administration, Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard and Professor Ian Williamson have been attended the 11th South East Asian Survey Congress (11th SEASC 2011) and the 13th International Surveyors’ Congress (13th ISC 2011), which was held from 22 to 24 June 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the theme “INNOVATION TOWARDS SUSTAINABILITY”.

This combined event was organised in conjunction with and as part of the Institution of Surveyors Malaysia’s (ISM) 50th year celebrations. Ian and Abbas have been invited as two keynote speakers to attend and deliver two talks each during this congress. 

The Congress highlighted initiatives aimed at encouraging the convergence, sharing and use of innovative technologies and knowledge as well as other initiatives to forge new collaborations and identify potential avenues for research, development and innovation across all related disciplines for the benefit of the profession and the community towards sustainable development. The congress was attended by over 800 participants.

21 June 2011

As part of the trip to Malaysia to attend the 11th South East Asian Survey Congress 2011 in KL, A/Prof Abbas Rajabifard has also visited the Malaysian Centre for geospatial data infrastructure (MaCGDI). This Centre established by the government to manage and promote the development of geospatial data infrastructure for Malaysia (MyGDI). MaCGDI also responsible for coordinating access and delivery of the geographic information held by all government agencies.

Established in December 2002 to replace the NaLIS Secretariat under the Minstry of Land and Cooperative Development (MLCD). On the 27th March 2004, MaCGDI was subsumed under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE).

The mission of MaCGDI is to build networks of people and technology to facilitate, coordinate and manage geospatial data infrastructure through the development of policies, standards, data, ICT Technology, R&D and skilled human resources by providing customer-focused, cost effective and timely delivery of geospatial data.

MaCGDI is organised with thirteen (13) sections and is set out to carry the following objectives:

To help in land information sharing and exchange between agencies by using the latest on-line information technology hence the latest and correct information can be conveyed quickly and reliably. To avoid wastage due to uncoordinated  efforts in collecting, processing, maintaining, preparing and distributing land information that is need for the land planning, land usage monitoring and environment supervision.

November 2011

A Summer school “Advanced Spatial data Infrastructure (SDI)” took place in Leuven, Belgium in November 2011. This summer school has been organised by the University of Melbourne (Australia), SPATIALIST (a SDI-research consortium existing of the universities K.U. Leuven and V.U. Brussels, Belgium) and supported by the Global Spatial Data Infrastrucure (GSDI) Association.

31 May 2011

The paper “Cadastral Futures: Building a New Vision for the Nature and Role of Cadastres” by Rohan Bennett, Abbas Rajabifard, Mohsen Kalantari, Jude Wallace, and Ian Williamson has been selected as the article of the month in June 2011 by FIG, 31 May 2011.

30 May 2011

The Centre for SDIs and Land Administration successfully gained a new LP grant from Australian Research Council (ARC) for Land and property information in 3D.

Congratulations to all and the project's partners and collaborating Organisation(s):

VEKTA PTY LTD, ALEXANDER & SYMONDS, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victoria.,

FENDER KATSALIDIS ARCHITECTS, Intergovernmental Committee On Surveying & Mapping, Land and

Property Management Authority NSW, Owners Corporation Victoria, PSMA Australia Ltd.

18-22 May 2011

Professor Ian Williamson and Mr Muyiwa Agunbiade attended and presented at FIG Working Week 2011 “Bridging the Gaps between Cultures” in Marrakech, Morocco, 18-22 May 2011.

7-9 April 2011

Associate Prof Abbas Rajabifard visited to University of Maine-GSDI Strategic Planning meeting, 7-9 April, 2011.

4-6 April 2011

Associate Prof Abbas Rajabifard attended at United Nations Third Preparatory Meeting on Global Geospatial Information Management, 4-6 April, 2011.

1 April 2011

Centre's Advisory meeting held at the University of Melbourne, 1 April 2011.

29 March 2011

Associate Prof Abbas Rajabifard has been awarded for “the most cited article 2005 to 2010” by ELSEVIER- Computer & Geosciences Journal (ISI Journal), 29 March 2011.

21-24 March 2011

A visiting group (Land Administration and Development undergraduate and postgraduate students) from UNIVERSITI TECHNOLOGI MALAYSIA (UTM) visited CSDILA and the University of Melbourne, 21-24 March 2011, Melbourne, Australia. UTM Land Administration and Development visiting itinerary can be find here.

14-16 March 2011

Ms. Jude Wallace attended and presented at Expert Group Meeting on “Pro-Poor Land Recordation System” , 14-16 March, 2011 in Paris, France.

21-23 February 2011

Associate Prof Abbas Rajabifard and Ms. Katie Potts attended at “2011 APCO Australia” and presented about “Regarding Spatially-Enabled Society and Public Safety", 21-23 February, 2011 in Melbourne, Australia.

23-24 February 2011

Ms. Jude Wallace and Dr.Rohan Bennett will represent NIMLI at the upcoming ANZLIC RRRs workshop to be held in Sydney (23rd and 24th of February). The team will give an overview on contemporary approaches for managing RRRs. The workshop will build on earlier ANZLIC work to develop a new plan for holistic organization of RRRs information across Australia. A tentative plan is to combine some of the NIMLI and RRRs work. This will be discussed further at the workshop.

15 January 2011

Senior members of the Centre will run a workshop to present state-of-the art methodologies and techniques in the area of SDIs to the Murray Darling Basin Authority. The aim of the workshop is to improve MDBA’s knowledge of SDI and assist the authority in developing an SDI vision.

24-25 January 2011

Professor David J. Cowen, from Department of Geography, University of South Carolina, visited the Centre for SDIs and Land Administration on 24th and 25 th of January, 2011. He met with staff and students. Additionaly, he delivered a MERIT visiting scholars lecture on January 24th at 4.00 pm. in Eng. Block C, Theatre C2. The lecture is titled “The Geospatial Revolution". David's itinerary can be find here.

18 November 2010

Professor Zorica Nedovic'-Budic', Chair of Spatial Planning and Head of School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy at University College, Dublin, visited the Centre for SDIs and Land Administration. She met with the students to discuss their research projects.

10 November 2010

Visit by Malaysian Delegation

A delegation from land administration of Malaysia visited the Centre for SDIs and LA on Wednesday 10 November to discuss land administration researches and activities.

26-29 October 2010

Ms Jude Wallace and Mr Brian Marwick attended and presented at “37th Australian Conference of Registrars of Title” from 26-29 October, 2010 in Perth, WA, Australia, presentation.

19-22 October 2010

A research team from the Centre for SDIs & LA comprising “Prof Ian Williamson, Associate Prof Abbas Rajabifard, Mr Brian Marwick, Dr Rohan Bennett, Dr Mohsen Kalantari, Mr Heri Sutanta, and Mr Hamed Olfat” attended and presented at “GSDI 12 World Conference” from 19-22 October, 2010 in Singapore.

5-7 October 2010

Ms Jude Wallace attended and presented at “spatial@gov Conference” from 5-7 October, 2010 in National Convention Centre, Canberra, Australia, presentation.

17-20 September 2010

Professor Ian P. Williamson attended at 50th Anniversary Jubilee, Faculty of Geodesy and Land Management, University of Warmia and Mazury (where awarded Professor Williamson an honorary doctorate in 1998) for research discussions, from 17-20 September, 2010 in Olsztyn, Poland.

12-15 September 2010

Professor Ian P. Williamson visited the Federal Office of Topography (Swisstopo) for discussions and research collaboration with Dr Daniel Steudler from 12-15 September, Switzerland.

6-10 September 2010

Professor Ian P. Williamson attended at FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting and Symposium on “The Digital Cadastre Map” from 6-10 September, 2010 in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.

1-3 September 2010

Associate Prof Abbas Rajabifard attended and presented at “SMART KOREA/NSDI 2010 Conference” from 1-3 September, 2010 in Seoul, South Korea.

24-25 Aug 2010

Dr Rohan Bennett, Dr Mohsen Kalantari and Mr Brian Marwick attended PSMA Australia's August Jurisdictional Workshop in Canberra, Read more.

17 June 2010

Mr Bill Hirst Surveyor-General of the ACT, Australia visited the Centre.

16 June 2010

Executive Director ANZLIC Ms Liz Marchant visited the Centre.

3 June 2010

President of FIG Prof. Stig Enemark appreciated contribution of Associate Prof. Abbas Rajabifard to FIG 2010, his keynote address and MoU signed between FIG and GSDI through a formal letter of thanks.

19 May 2010

NIMLI-PSMA Workshop conducted to aimed at refining the NIMLI design elements and the potential future role(s) PSMA Australia will play in the delivery of national land information data and services

May, 2010

Associate Prof Abbas Rajabifard keynote presentation on “ Spatially Enabled Government and Society - the Global Perspective” during XXIV FIG Congress 2010 is selected as FIG article of the month in May 2010

April, 2010

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard, attended and presented in Second Preparatory Meeting of the Proposed United Nations Committee on Global Geographic Information Management, 10 - 11 May 2010, UNHQ, New York.

April, 2010

Dr Daniel Steudler (Swiss Federal Directorate for Cadastral Surveying, Switzerland) visited the Centre. He gave presentation on “Cadastral activities in Europe- Swiss experience” on Thursday 29th April 2010.

20 April, 2010

Prof.Bas kok visit

Prof.Bas kok visits the centre from 20-27 April, 2010

Dutch Cadastre, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

April, 2010

XXIV FIG International Congress 2010

The group of researches from centre attend FIG conference 2010 and present on metadata, spatial enablement, disaster management and land administration.

Abbas Rajabifard gave plenary talk about Spatially Enabled Society on Tuesday morning.

14 April, 2010

Visit from Malaysia University

The team from Malaysia university visited the Centre.

19 Mar, 2010

The meeting of the Advisory Committee held on 19 March, 2010.

18 FEB, 2010

ARC Linkage Project “National Infrastructure for Managing Land Information (NIMLI)” officially launched on 18 Feb, 2010.

For more up to date news, read the NIMLI Blog

10 FEB, 2010

Presentation by Dr Abolghasem Sadeghi-Niaraki : An Ontology- Driven Personalized Navigation System

3 FEB, 2010

Seminar:PhD completion presentation by Sheelan Vaez: Building a Seamless SDI for Land and Marine Environments

Harold White Theatre, Arts Centre .

FEB, 2010

Prof Joep Crompvoets appointed as Honorary  Research Fellow for Centre.

JAN, 2010

We're delighted to Welcome Dr.Abolghasem Sadeghi-Niaraki (INHA University, Korea) to the Centre as a visiting scholar.

DEC, 2009

New book on Land administration for Sustainable Development by Ian Williamson, Stig Enemark, Jude Wallace and Abbas Rajabifard was published in collaboration with ESRI.More information available on ESRI website, Blog for Land Book

14 DEC, 2009

Staff & students from Department of Geomatics and Centre for SDI & LA joined for end of year lunch at university house. Click here to view photos

7 DEC, 2009

Mr Brian Marwick gave presentation at the SSSI Seminar on 3D Cadastre about implementation of proposed 3D Cadastre research program.

3 DEC, 2009

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard, talked at the VSC Forum “Defining the vision for a Spatially Enabled Victoria ”about Thursday 3 December 2009. Details are in the attached flyer.

2 DEC, 2009

Professor Ian Williamson is appointed as Honorary Fellow by Surveying and Spatial Science Institute (SSSI), we all congratulate him on this achievement.

27 NOV, 2009

Professor William Cartwright (ICA-President, Professor at RMIT University) visited the centre on 27th Nov 2009.

26 NOV, 2009

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard and Professor Ian Williamson received embossed glass plaques from Professor Paul Cheung, Director of the United Nations Statistics division, for their outstanding contributions over many years to the UNRCC-AP and the UN-sponsored Permanent Committee on GIS Infrastructure for Asia and Pacific

(PCGIAP) during the opening Plenary Session, of 18th United Nations Regional Cartographic Conference for Asia and Pacific (UNRCC-AP) held in Bangkok, Thailand on 26-29 October 2009.

23 NOV, 2009

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard gave his presentation in Spatial Summit ‘09, Sydney, NWS

16-17 NOV, 2009

Dr Rohan Bennett has been offered an 'Early Career Symposium Fellowship' to attend the 32nd ATSE National Symposium, 'Future-Proofing Australia - Rising to the Challenge of Climate Change'. The Symposium will be held at the Sofitel Brisbane Grand Central, 249 Turbot Street, Brisbane on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 November, 2009.

26 OCT, 2009

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard was invited to attend UN-preparatory meeting of proposed UN committee on Global information management, and JBGIS meeting Bangkok, Thailand.

26-30 OCT, 2009

18th UNRCC-AP meeting, United Nations Headquarters, Bangkok, Thailand Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard, Professor Ian Williamson and Mr Peter Holland presented their keynote presentations.Click here to view photos

19 OCT, 2009

Dean, Staff of Melbourne School of Engineering, Managers, Academic staff and students joined for morning tea to celebrate the opening of new area for centre.Click here to view photos

4-17 OCT, 2009

Associate Prof Joep Crompvoets from the Public Management Institute of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) and lecturer at the Centre for Geo-Information of Wageningen University (The Netherlands) visited the Centre regarding research collaboration.

23 Sep, 09

Welcome to Ali Aien (new Phd student).

22 Sep, 2009

Mr Brian Marwick wins Victorian Spatial Scientist of the Year.

Mr Marwick will soon join CSDILA to work on an ARC Project relating to Australia's national Land Administration infrastructure. He has over 35 years experience in Australia's land and spatial information industries and is widely respected across the sector. Congratulations to Mr Brian on being awarded Victoria's Spatial Scientist of the Year.

27 Aug, 2009

Mr Mark Reichardt (President and CEO, Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc., USA) visited the Centre.

8 Aug, 2009

Congratulations to Dr Hossein Mohammadi who received his PhD degree at University of Melbourne graduation ceremony. Click here to view photos

8 Aug, 2009

The spatial metadata research team had a one day visit from the Future Farming Systems Research team (Dr Chris Pettit, Mr Steve Williams, Mr Don Cherry and Mr David Hunter) at the Department of Primary Industries in Bending. During the visit, both research teams discussed and shared their current activities, technical development, metadata tools and projects. Opportunities for further collaboration were also explored. The research team also visited Mr Ron Prestidge Executive Director of Future Farming Systems.

13-17 July, 2009

Centre Conducted Intensive course on “Modern Cadastre and Land Administration “ in melbourne.

The Centre for SDIs and Land Administration, Department of Geomatics, The University of Melbourne has designed and conducted an intensive course on land administration- Modern Cadastre and Land Administration, from 13-17 July 2009 in Melbourne for participants from Indonesian government agencies and leading universities. The course discussed the development of modern land administration systems and the need for an effective and efficient cadastre. This included a review of a variety of concepts, theories and technologies for developing and maintaining these systems, and analysis of a range of approaches to land administration in developed and developing countries. The concept of land administration and people to land relationship, the land management paradigm, cadastral concept and principles and cadastre as a key layer of a spatially enabled society and e-government strategy, land and legal policy principles, the land administration toolbox, the development of land markets, the e-land administration, marine cadastre and marine SDI, and rights, restrictions and responsibilities related to land were studied. The course focused on solving problems and case studies to increase land management capacity of the Gadjah Mada University, Bandung Institute of Technology, and the National Land Agency of The Republic of Indonesia.

30 June, 2009

Mr Masanori Muto (Mitstibushi Research Institute inc, Space and intelligence Gro) had meeting with Associate Prof. Abbas Rajabifard for the discussion about Marine SDI and Marine Cadastre regarding integrating Marine information system.

19 June, 2009

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard started his presidency of GSDI Association.Read more

15-19 June, 2009

GSDI 11 World Conference

“Spatial Data Infrastructure Convergence — Building SDI Bridges to address Global Challenges”

Team members form centre had presented papers at GSDI 11 World Conference 15-19 June, 2009 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

23 May 2009

Land Market Management Seminar, Tehran, Iran (Pre-Seminar)

24-26 May 2009

3rd PCGIAP UN sponsored Land Administration Forum (Re-Engineering the Cadastre To Support E-Government), Tehran, Iran

30th April, 2009

Centre had a Seminar on Lower Hume PCPs Spatial Data Initiative: a Regional GIS/SDI Project and a Global Perspective on Health and GIS at The Department of Human Services (DHS), 50 Lonsdale Street-Melbourne at 10:00 am, 30th of April, 2009

26–28 April, 2009

Professor Ian P. Williamson gave a keynote presentation on “Spatially enabling society— the role of land administration” at Map Middle East 26-28 April, 2009 in Abu Dhabi.

2–20 April, 2009

Mr Nasrollah Jahangard (Member of Iran Telecommunication Research Center (ITRC) and Especial Advisor in ICT affairs, Iran's Juridical Power and Deeds and Land, Registration Organization, Tehran, Iran) visited the Centre.

18 March, 2009

The meeting of the Advisory Committee was held on 18 March, 2009.

17 March, 2009, 4 pm

Prof. Harlan Onsrud (Executive Director of GSDI) made tewkesberry presentation.

Topic: Vision for ubiquitous Spatial Computing: A Privacy Protection perspective” Read more...

Venue: Brown Theatre, Level 1, Bldg 193, Elec Eng.

3rd-23rd March, 2009

Prof. David J. Coleman (Dean of Engineering, University of New Brunswick, Canada) visited the Centre.

28 Feb -1 March, 2009

Asscoiate Prof. Abbas Rajabifard attend National forum on Cadastre and Land Administration for E-government, Tehran.

1 Feb -21 March, 2009

Prof. Harlan Onsrud (Executive Director of GSDI)is visited the centre under the grand of Fulbright the senior specialist program and tewsboy program to work with Centre joint research interest and also discuss about GIS .He will make public presentation. more information will be available soon.

9 Feb, 2009

ARC-meta data project officially launched on 9 Feb 2009 with all industrial partner and research team. It is close collaboration between goverment sector, private sector and university.

30 Jan-9 Feb, 2009

Prof.BAS kok (president of GSDI) visited the centre to discuss about the GSDI association.

Jan, 2009

A new book on “A Multi view Framework to Assess Spatial Data Infrastructures” edited by Joep Crompvoets, Abbas Rajabifard, Bastiaan van Loene and Tatiana Delgado Fernández is published jointly by Space for Geo-Information (RGI), Wageningen University and Centre for SDIs and Land Administration, Department of Geomatics, The University of Melbourne. Read more

11–16 Dec, 2008

Asscoiate Prof. Abbas Rajabifard visit to washington to participate in GSDI executive board meeting and planning of GSDI-11 conference

Nov, 2008 Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard visit to Tehran:

2 Nov

Seminar on Spatialy Enabled Goverment and role of SDI, University of Melbourne information session-Shahid Behesti University-Tehran

5 Nov

University of Melbourne information session-Harekat Hall, Tehran

6 Nov

Seminar on Importance of information & Spatialy Enabled Society scenario for future,

University of Melbourne information session, Yzad University, Tehran

Professor Ian P. Williamson visit to Canada & Hong Kong, details are as below:


Centre for Property Studies, University of New Brunswick, Canada


Canadian Council of Land Titles Officials, Quebec, Canada


Centre for Geomatics Research, University of Laval, Quebec, Canada


Cadastral Seminar, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, Hong Kong


International Seminar on Land Administration Trends and Issues in the Asia and Pacific Region (19–20 August 2008, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


SDI Goveranance workshop

As part of a research project being conducted by the Centre, aimed at developing a model of SDI governance, a workshop is being organized to explore the governance of the Victorian Spatial Information Strategy (VSIS). The aim of the workshop is explore from the perspectives of the VSIS stakeholders, the scope, activities, mechanisms, and current and future challenges of VSIS governance. The VSIS is one of a number of Australian SDI initiatives that have been selected as case studies for analysis as part of the research. In addition to the research-oriented outcomes of the workshop, participants will benefit from a clearer understanding of the perceptions and realities of SDI governance, together with key issues and gaps for further consideration. To explore the SDI goveranance as a part of current research activity.For more information contact Mr Paul Box.



Melbourne Uni Indonesian SDI Training Course


Ian Williamson’s farewell seminar

25.10.07 launched


New Book Launched —Towards a Spatially Enabled Society


Proceedings: Good land administration and its role in economic development (Mongolia)Ian Williamson attended


Proceedings: Land Administration for poverty reduction and economic groth (Namibia)


Assoc Prof Abbas Rajabifard appointed Director of Centre


Centre’s 2002–2006 research report released


UNRCC-AP and PCGIAP workshop results


Lisa Strain’s Masters Thesis Success!


Danial Paez Submits PhD Thesis for Review.


Lillian Chueng retires from the Department of Geomatics. Colleen Bermingham begins.


Integrating built and natural enviroment data


Western Australia’s Landgate Launch Movie


Kate Dalrymple PhD Thesis Success!


BAKOSURTANAL delegates visit and presentation


Professor Gerrit Plenaar visits the Centre


Daniel Paez PhD Thesis Success!


Prof Bas Kok visits and gives lecture


Mathew Warnest’s PhD Thesis Success!


Next Generation LAS Nov Workshop


‘Torrens 21’ website launched


Christine Najar Presentation


Prof Harlan Onsrud visits Centre


Prof Harlan Onsrud’s Lecture


Rohan Bennett PhD Confirmation


Abbas Rajabifard attending the 11th Permanent Committee on GIS Infrastructure for Asia and the Pacific (PCGIAP) meeting, 17-21 May 2005, Bali, Indonesia


Ian Williamson, Abbas Rajabifard, Kevin McDougall, Floris De Bree and Mathew Warnest will attend FIG Working Week and GSDI 8 in Cairo, Egypt, 2005


Michael Elfick’s Seminar


Prof Ian Masser’s Tewksbury Public Lecture


New site:


ARC Grant Success!


Mohsen Kalantari attended SEEGRID II Conference in Canberra


Land Administration 2005 Subject Website


Prof Ian Masser is currently visiting the Department and Centre. Lecture


Mathew Warnest submitted Phd Thesis for inital marking


Lillian Cheung returned from leave


Abbas Rajabifard was on annual leave in Tehran, Iran (now returned)


Rohan Bennett attended Inaugural ARCRNSISS (Spatially Integrated Social Science) Conference in Brisbane


Andrew Binns and Abbas Rajabifard attended Queensland Spatial Information Infrastructure Strategy (QSIIS) and presented their work on CRC Project 3.1


Kate Dalyrmple visited the Land Tenure Institution (UNFAO), the International Land Coalition (IFAD), in Rome, and then had a week at the World Bank, Land Policy Group, Washington DC.


Kate Dalyrmple and Jude Wallace will attend the FIG / UN Habitat Expert Group Meeting on secure land tenure: ’new legal frameworks and tools’, at UN Gigiri in Nairobi, Kenya.


Jude Wallace conducted research in Europe. Presented at a conference in Bamburg Germany, 9th December


Rohan Bennett and Kevin McDougall attended the National Summit on Land & Property Rights and Restrictions in Brisbane.


The SDI/LAS Centre’s end of year seminars will take place mid/late October @ DSE (570 Bourke Street, Marland House). More information


Kate Dalrymple presented at the 4th Trans Tasman Surveyors Conference , Skycity Convention Centre, Auckland. "Land Policy and Tenure in Southeast Asia, 1995–2005" by Kate Dalrymple, Jude Wallace and Ian Williamson (paper available soon).


Jude Wallace, Andrew Binns and Abbas Rajabifard made field trips to Western Australia and New South Wales for the CRC and IAP projects


Kate Dalrymple will had her paper presented at the 3rd FIG Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific Surveying the Future: Contributions to Economic, Environmental and Social Development, Jakarta, Indonesia. "Innovations in Rural Land Policy and Tenure in Southeast Asia" by Kate Dalrymple, Jude Wallace and Ian Williamson (paper available soon).

Ian Williamson also be gave a keynote address at the 4th Trans Tasman Surveyors Conference, Skycity Convention Centre, Auckland, NZ, "Thinking outside the triangle: taking advantage of modern land markets"


FIG Foundation Grant for Daniel Paez

The Board of Directors of the FIG Foundation decided on the FIG Grants 2004 at its meeting in Athens during the FIG Working Week 2004. About €6,000 was given to 4 applicants from 4 countries. 

Daniel Paez from the Centre for SDI & LA, Department of Geomatics, was one of the recipients. The grant helped to fund his recent field trip to Columbia where he demonstrated DISCUSS, a Decision Support System that Uses Latest Surveying Technologies. The system will help to increase the range of services of Colombian surveyors.

Congratulations Daniel !


Ian Williamson attended PCGIAP, Executive Board Meeting in China


Abbas Rajabifard and Lisa Strain participated and presented at the Coastal Zone Asia Pacific Conference (CZAP 2004) in Brisbane


Ian Williamson on Special Studies Program


Daniel Paez was on Field trip to the USA and Colombia


The past SDI-short course.