Kuo-Chih Hung

Msc (National Taiwan University), Bsc (National Taiwan University)

Research Title

Integration of Real-time geospatial services in Disaster Management

Research Interests

System Integration and Interoperability, Disaster Management, Ontology and Semantic Web

Project Poster


Kuo-Chih completed the Master's Program in the Graduate Institute of Building and Planning and Bachelor’s Degree in Department of Geography both at National Taiwan University (NTU).Now, he is a PhD student in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, the University of Melbourne.
His research interest is about application of GIS and mobile device in data sharing, decision support, and model analysis. He is proficient in data process and system development. His master thesis, "An Ontology-based OpenGIS Web Service Architecture" had received the best paper award at the 2006 Taiwan Geographic information Society Conference.
He had been a technical assistant when he was in NTU. After the military service he have worked as a system engineer and technical supervisor in GIS industries, accounted for developing, analysis, and managing GIS projects with governments, such as Emergency Management Information System of National Fire Agency and Taipei City 1999 Call center GIS application. His current work is about how to integrate the Volunteered Geographic Information and real-time service in disaster management.


Authors Title Year Publication Details Acknowledgement
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