Advisory Committee

The Hon. Mr Gary Nairn
(Chair, Advisory Committee of the CSDILA; former Federal Spatial Minister, Australia)
Gary Nairn
Professor David Coleman
(Dean of Engineering, University of New  Brunswick, Canada)
Gary Nairn
Professor Stig Enemark
(Former President, International Federation of  Surveyors — FIG; Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg  University, Denmark)
Gary Nairn
Mr Paul Harcombe
(Chief Surveyor / Director, Location Policy and Coordination Unit Land and Property Information, NSW Department of Finance & Services and Chair, Intergovernmetal Committee for Surveying & Mapping (ICSM))
Gary Nairn
Mr Ollie Hedberg
(Chair, Public Sector Mapping Agencies Australia Limited; Chair, Victorian Spatial Council)
Gary Nairn
Mr Ged Griffin
(Inspector- Victoria Police)
Gary Nairn
Professor Harlan Onsrud
(Executive Director, Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) Association; Department of Spatial Information Science and Engineering, University of Maine, USA)
Gary Nairn
Mr John Tulloch
(Surveyor General, Victoria; Department of Sustainability and Environment, Government of Victoria)
Gary Nairn
Mr Greg Scott
(Senior Advisor, Global Geospatial Information Management (GGIM), Office of the Director, UN Statistics Division Group Leader, Geoscience Australia, Government of Australia, and Former President of PCGIAP)
Gary Nairn
Mr Jan Wandek
(Chairman PUBLIC SAFETY – INTEROPERABILITY, Emerg Solutions, Victoria, Australia)