Farzad Alamdar

Research Title

Supporting Natural Disaster Management Utilising Timely Information


Research Interests

Geosesnor Network (GSN), Sensor Web, Decentralized Spatial Processing (DeSC), Disaster Management, Spatial Analysis.


Farzad commenced his PhD at the University of Melbourne in March 2012 and currently working in the Centre of SDIs and Land Administration (CSDILA). His research focus in on urban natural disaster management utilizing timely information obtained form in situ sensors. The aim of his research is to integrate the multi-sourced sensor and spatial information in order to develop a disaster decision support system (DDSS).  

He obtained a Master of GIS and also a BSc in Geomatics Engineering from K. N. Toosi University of Technology (KNTU), Tehran, Iran. Before commencing his PhD, Farzad was involved in various research projects related to GIS in Iran, titled: “Design and Implementation of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for Iranian Gas Transmission Company” and “Developing Standards for National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) in Medium and Small Scales”.



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