Dr Ida Jazayeri

PhD (The University of Melbourne), B.Eng (The University of Melbourne)

Research Interests

Close-Range Photogrammetry, 3D Data Capture, Object Reconstruction, Remote Sensing, Image Analysis, 3D City Modelling, Visualisation.


Ida completed both her Bachelor of Geomatic Engineering (Hons) and PhD in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, at The University of Melbourne. Her research interests include imaged-based modelling for automated 3D object reconstruction, automated image analysis, 3D modelling & visualisation, 3D data capture and spatial analysis. During her time at the university, Ida was an active member of the School of Engineering, and taught several subjects, including Photogrammetry, Imaging in the Geosciences, Geomatics Science 2 and Imaging the Environment.

Upon completing her PhD, Ida worked in the private sector as a Business Development Manager at Spatial Scientific, and then as an Account Manager at Geomatic Technologies in Melbourne, where she selected and liaised with a team of technical leads and solution architects to develop innovative solutions to complex problems in industry.

Since returning to the university in 2011, Ida has joined the CSDILA team, investigating the technical components required in the development of a 3D cadastre, namely the 3D data capture methodology, 3D data representation, 3D data modelling, and the integration challenges involved in the implementation process.


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