Paul Box

BSc(Hons) Land Management ( Reading University , UK )

Research Title

Governance of multi-domain, and cross-jurisdictional SDIs built using service oriented architecture (SOA) approaches

Topic and Interest Areas

Currently I am researching Institutional arrangements and governance of systems of systems, design and modeling of interoperable information infrastructure, design and implementation of SDI in practice, demand driven geospatial information product design (modeling) and delivery, production workflows, making metadata fine-grained and useable. Thematically I am focused on environmental and hydrological domains, disaster management, social protection and social assistance. 


Paul has worked for more than 20 years in the geospatial field in performing a wide range of roles, in a broad range of domains in more than 20 countries.
After completing a degree in Land Management in 1988, Paul worked in the UK implementing land administration systems. Following a move to Asia in 1990 Paul worked for more than a decade implementing geospatial systems for the United Nations to support operational and strategic decision-making in government across a range of application domains including, natural and cultural resource management, health, education and other social service provision. Subsequently, Paul worked on the development on the development of multi-agency information platforms to support humanitarian response and spent several years working in humanitarian and post-conflict settings in Africa for United Nations agencies. 

For the last 10 years, Paul has become increasingly involved in research, design and implementation of Spatial Data Infrastructures in Australia and Indonesia and has worked as part of team to develop a technical governance framework for the United Nations Spatial Data Infrastructure under the auspices of the United Nations Geographic Information Working Group.
Paul joined CSIRO in 2009 where he leads a research team involved in interoperable spatial systems research. He led the Sustainable Water Information Models project supporting the design of Australian Water Information System as part of the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology Research Alliance (WIRADA). This project was also responsible for the development of the Australian Hydrological Geospatial Fabric (AHGF). Paul currently leads the UNSDI Gazetteer Framework Project, which is developing a globally scalable spatial referencing system to improve interoperability of information held in different systems and referenced by different sets of place name or gazetteers. 


Authors Title Year Publication Details Acknowledgement
Box, P., Atkinson, R., Rajabifard, A.A Registry Based Governance Model for Spatial Data Infrastructures2010 GSDI 12 World Conference - Realising Spatially Enabled Societies Singapore, 19-22 Oct 2010 This paper presented and published at "GSDI 12 World Conference"  [Link to Conference]
Box, P., Rajabifard, A.SDI governance Bridging the Gap Between People and GeospatialResources2009 GSDI 11 World Conference Rotterdam, The Netherlands 15-19 June 2009 This is a paper from GSDI 11 World Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 15-19 June 2009   [GSDI Association]