Serene Ho

MSc (The University of Melbourne)

Research Title

Towards a 3D Paradigm for Urban High-rise Development Exploring the institutional barriers to innovation in an  Australian context

Research Interests

3D Cadastre



Serene completed her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at the University of Melbourne in 2002. Her honours thesis considered the politics of urban development and conservation on wetlands management in Singapore. Thereafter, she worked for a period in wetlands cultivation in Melbourne’s urban areas, before changing directions to a career in higher education marketing.

More recently, she completed a Master of Geographic Information Technology (University of Melbourne) in 2010, where her research project examined the role of volunteered geographic information in helping to realise a spatially enabled society. Her research paper was accepted and presented at the 12th Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Conference. She joined the crowd-sourcing initiative, Bushfire Connect, in a voluntary capacity as project manager after graduation. Serene commenced her PhD at the Centre in 2011.


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