Land and Property Information in 3D

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ARC Linkage Project

What is the Land and Property Information in 3D Project?

This project aims to develop an innovative infrastructure which helps address the problem of modeling and managing complex 3-dimensional (3D) property Rights, Restrictions and Responsibilities (RRR) in multi-level developments in our rapidly growing cities.

This project will incorporate the third dimension of height into the property and land information systems (Cadastre) to build an infrastructure for managing and modelling spatial extension of these complex property RRRs.

Property information systems based on 2D maps have served land administration and property management well for hundreds of years. However, most of the developed world (including Australia) and many developing countries now give ownership titles in buildings in three dimensions (3D) using the same 2D maps developed for traditional broad acre development on vacant land.

This project aims to deliver:

  • An improved understanding of the problems and issues associated with incorporating 3D property information into land administration systems;
  • A specification of the technical, policy, legal and institutional aspects of a 3D property information and representation system;
  • A 3D data model and database management system;
  • A 3D representation and registration model; and
  • A prototype 3D property information and building representation system.


For a summary of progress to date, please download this pdf