Intelligent Disaster Decision Support System (IDDSS)



One of the key challenges in disaster response is to ensure that timely information reaches government agencies and first-responders before they make critical decisions. The first few hours following a disaster are the period in which key decisions are made about decision assessment and resource allocation. Without timely information, rescuers lose significant time for important tasks such as evacuation, locating clusters of probably survivors and, more generally, the optimisation of response and recovery operations.

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This project develops a proof of concept of an intelligent disaster decision support system for urban disasters that integrates a smart geospatial platform with an advanced optimisation simulation engine.

The smart geospatial platform will perform real-time collection, management, analysis, distribution, and visualisation of information for enhanced situation awareness. The smart platform will provide immediate relationships of a location to a disaster. This real-time stream of critical information will populate the optimisation/simulation engine whose goal is to increase the cognitive abilities of decision makers when faced with an urban disaster of large magnitude and uncertainty.

The use of decision support systems and a smart platform will increase the resilience of a society by reducing disaster disruption costs incurred by governments, businesses and citizens.