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Land Market Management Seminar

23 May 2009

Moderator: Mr Jahangard/Dr Tashakori



    • Opening - Mr Ghaemi
    • Welcome and Opening Address Dr Ghalibaf, Tehran Mayer
    • Introduction to the Seminar and Spatially Enabled Government to support Land Marketing Management- Associate Prof Rajabifard Presentation
    • Presentation by Prof Williamson - Using land Administration to build Sustainable Land MarketPresentation
    • Presentation by Prof Stig Enemark- Land markets and Land Rights in support of the MDGs - A Global perspectivePresentation
    • Presentation by Ms Jude Wallace-Land Markets Management from Simple to Complex MarketPresentation


Tea Break



    • Presentation by Mr Peter Holland-National Approach to facilitate Land Market-Australian Experience Presentation
    • Presentation by Mr.Madad Presentation
    • Presentation by Dr Daniel Steudler-Developing Land Marketing Management-European ExperiencePresentation
    • Closing Address by Judge Amiri, Deputy of Head of Judiciary Power and Head of Iran’s Deeds and Properties Registration Organization



Conclusion and Closing Remark-by Mr Jahangard/Dr Tashakori



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