A Multi-View Framework to Assess Spatial Data Infrastructures

Edited by: Joep Crompvoets, Abbas Rajabifard, Bastiaan van Loenen, Tatiana Delgado Fernández

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PART ONE Theoretical Background and Framework to Assess SDIs
Chapter 1 Spatial Data Infrastructure for a Spatially Enabled Government and Society.
Chapter 2 The multi-faceted nature of SDIs and their assessment - dealing with dilemmas.
Chapter 3 SDI for public governance - implications for evaluation research.
Chapter 4 SDI evaluation and budgeting processes: linkages and lessons.
Chapter 5 Theoretical introduction to the Multi-view Framework to assess SDIs.
PART TWO Approaches to Assess SDIs
Chapter 6 The Spatial Data Infrastructure Readiness model and its worldwide application
Chapter 7 Clearinghouse suitability index
Chapter 8 INSPIRE State of Play: Generic approach to assess the status of NSDIs
Chapter 9 Assessment of Spatial Data Infrastructures From an Organisational Perspective
Chapter 10 Evaluation and Performance Indicators to Assess Spatial Data Infrastructure Initiatives
Chapter 11 A Framework for Designing Performance Indicators for Spatial Data Infrastructure Assessment
Chapter 12 Assessing the organisational aspects of SDI:metaphors matter
Chapter 13 A legal approach to assessing Spatial DataInfrastructures.
Chapter 14 SDI Effectiveness from the User Perspective
PART THREE SDI-Assessment in Practice
Chapter 15 Towards key variables to assess National Spatial Data Infrastructures (NSDIs) in developing countries
Chapter 16 INSPIRE Directive: Specific requirements to monitor its implementation
Chapter 17 Changing demands for Spatial Data Infrastructure assessment: experience from The Netherlands
Chapter 18 Applying the Multi-view Spatial Data Infrastructure Assessment Framework in several American countries and The Netherlands
PART FOUR Future View to SDI Assessment
Chapter 19 Future directions for Spatial Data Infrastructure Assessment