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Rohan Bennett attended Inaugural ARCRNSISS (Spatially Integrated Social Science) Conference in Brisbane


Andrew Binns and Abbas Rajabifard attended Queensland Spatial Information Infrastructure Strategy (QSIIS) and presented their work on CRC Project 3.1


Kate Dalyrmple visited the Land Tenure Institution (UNFAO), the International Land Coalition (IFAD), in Rome, and then had a week at the World Bank, Land Policy Group, Washington DC.


Kate Dalyrmple and Jude Wallace will attend the FIG / UN Habitat Expert Group Meeting on secure land tenure: ’new legal frameworks and tools’, at UN Gigiri in Nairobi, Kenya.


Jude Wallace conducted research in Europe. Presented at a conference in Bamburg Germany, 9th December


Rohan Bennett and Kevin McDougall attended the National Summit on Land & Property Rights and Restrictions in Brisbane.


The SDI/LAS Centre’s end of year seminars will take place mid/late October @ DSE (570 Bourke Street, Marland House).


Kate Dalrymple presented at the 4th Trans Tasman Surveyors Conference , Skycity Convention Centre, Auckland. "Land Policy and Tenure in Southeast Asia, 1995–2005" by Kate Dalrymple, Jude Wallace and Ian Williamson (paper available soon).


Jude Wallace, Andrew Binns and Abbas Rajabifard made field trips to Western Australia and New South Wales for the CRC and IAP projects


Kate Dalrymple will had her paper presented at the 3rd FIG Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific Surveying the Future: Contributions to Economic, Environmental and Social Development, Jakarta, Indonesia. "Innovations in Rural Land Policy and Tenure in Southeast Asia" by Kate Dalrymple, Jude Wallace and Ian Williamson (paper available soon).

Ian Williamson also be gave a keynote address at the 4th Trans Tasman Surveyors Conference, Skycity Convention Centre, Auckland, NZ, "Thinking outside the triangle: taking advantage of modern land markets"


FIG Foundation Grant for Daniel Paez

The Board of Directors of the FIG Foundation decided on the FIG Grants 2004 at its meeting in Athens during the FIG Working Week 2004. About €6,000 was given to 4 applicants from 4 countries. 

Daniel Paez from the Centre for SDI & LA, Department of Geomatics, was one of the recipients. The grant helped to fund his recent field trip to Columbia where he demonstrated DISCUSS, a Decision Support System that Uses Latest Surveying Technologies. The system will help to increase the range of services of Colombian surveyors.

Congratulations Daniel !


Ian Williamson attended PCGIAP, Executive Board Meeting in China


Abbas Rajabifard and Lisa Strain participated and presented at the Coastal Zone Asia Pacific Conference (CZAP 2004) in Brisbane


Ian Williamson on Special Studies Program


Daniel Paez was on Field trip to the USA and Colombia


The past SDI-short course.

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