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11–16 Dec 2008

Associate Prof Abbas Rajabifard visit to washington to participate in GSDI executive board meeting and planning of GSDI-11 conference

Nov 2008

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard visit to Tehran

2 Nov

Seminar on Spatialy Enabled Goverment and role of SDI, University of Melbourne information session-Shahid Behesti University-Tehran

5 Nov

University of Melbourne information session-Harekat Hall, Tehran

6 Nov

Seminar on Importance of information & Spatialy Enabled Society scenario for future,

University of Melbourne information session, Yzad University, Tehran

Professor Ian P. Williamson visit to Canada & Hong Kong, details are as below:


Centre for Property Studies, University of New Brunswick, Canada


Canadian Council of Land Titles Officials, Quebec, Canada


Centre for Geomatics Research, University of Laval, Quebec, Canada


Cadastral Seminar, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, Hong Kong


International Seminar on Land Administration Trends and Issues in the Asia and Pacific Region (19–20 August 2008, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


SDI Goveranance workshop

As part of a research project being conducted by the Centre, aimed at developing a model of SDI governance, a workshop is being organized to explore the governance of the Victorian Spatial Information Strategy (VSIS). The aim of the workshop is explore from the perspectives of the VSIS stakeholders, the scope, activities, mechanisms, and current and future challenges of VSIS governance. The VSIS is one of a number of Australian SDI initiatives that have been selected as case studies for analysis as part of the research. In addition to the research-oriented outcomes of the workshop, participants will benefit from a clearer understanding of the perceptions and realities of SDI governance, together with key issues and gaps for further consideration. To explore the SDI goveranance as a part of current research activity. For more information contact Mr Paul Box.

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