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Dec 2009

New book on Land administration for Sustainable Development by Ian Williamson, Stig Enemark, Jude Wallace and Abbas Rajabifard was published in collaboration with ESRI.

More information available on ESRI website

14 Dec 2009

Staff & students from Department of Geomatics and Centre for SDI & LA joined for end of year lunch at university house.

7 Dec2009

Mr Brian Marwick gave presentation at the SSSI Seminar on 3D Cadastre about implementation of proposed 3D Cadastre research program.

3 Dec 2009

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard, talked at the VSC Forum “Defining the vision for a Spatially Enabled Victoria ”about Thursday 3 December 2009.

2 Dec 2009

Professor Ian Williamson is appointed as Honorary Fellow by Surveying and Spatial Science Institute (SSSI), we all congratulate him on this achievement.

27 Nov 2009

Professor William Cartwright (ICA-President, Professor at RMIT University) visited the centre on 27th Nov 2009.

26 Nov 2009

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard and Professor Ian Williamson received embossed glass plaques from Professor Paul Cheung, Director of the United Nations Statistics division, for their outstanding contributions over many years to the UNRCC-AP and the UN-sponsored Permanent Committee on GIS Infrastructure for Asia and Pacific

(PCGIAP) during the opening Plenary Session, of 18th United Nations Regional Cartographic Conference for Asia and Pacific (UNRCC-AP) held in Bangkok, Thailand on 26-29 October 2009.

23 Nov 2009

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard gave his presentation in Spatial Summit ‘09, Sydney, NWS

16–17 Nov 2009

Dr Rohan Bennett has been offered an ‘Early Career Symposium Fellowship’ to attend the 32nd ATSE National Symposium, ’Future-Proofing Australia - Rising to the Challenge of Climate Change’. The Symposium will be held at the Sofitel Brisbane Grand Central, 249 Turbot Street, Brisbane on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 November, 2009.

26 Oct 2009

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard was invited to attend UN-preparatory meeting of proposed UN committee on Global information management, and JBGIS meeting Bangkok, Thailand.

26–30 Oct 2009

18th UNRCC-AP meeting, United Nations Headquarters, Bangkok, Thailand Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard, Professor Ian Williamson and Mr Peter Holland presented their keynote presentations.

19 Oct 2009

Dean, staff of Melbourne School of Engineering, Managers, Academic staff and students joined for morning tea to celebrate the opening of new area for centre.

4–17 Oct 2009

Associate Prof Joep Crompvoets from the Public Management Institute of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) and lecturer at the Centre for Geo-Information of Wageningen University (The Netherlands) visited the Centre regarding research collaboration.

23 Sep 09

Welcome to Ali Aien (new Phd student).

22 Sep 2009

Mr Brian Marwick wins Victorian Spatial Scientist of the Year.

Mr Marwick will soon join CSDILA to work on an ARC Project relating to Australia’s national Land Administration infrastructure. He has over 35 years experience in Australia’s land and spatial information industries and is widely respected across the sector. Congratulations to Mr Brian on being awarded Victoria’s Spatial Scientist of the Year.

27 Aug 2009

Mr Mark Reichardt (President and CEO, Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc., USA) visited the Centre.

8 Aug 2009

Congratulations to Dr Hossein Mohammadi who received his PhD degree at University of Melbourne graduation ceremony.

8 Aug 2009

The spatial metadata research team had a one day visit from the Future Farming Systems Research team (Dr Chris Pettit, Mr Steve Williams, Mr Don Cherry and Mr David Hunter) at the Department of Primary Industries in Bending. During the visit, both research teams discussed and shared their current activities, technical development, metadata tools and projects. Opportunities for further collaboration were also explored. The research team also visited Mr Ron Prestidge Executive Director of Future Farming Systems.

13–17 July 2009

Centre Conducted Intensive course on Modern Cadastre and Land Administration in Melbourne.

The Centre for SDIs and Land Administration, Department of Geomatics, The University of Melbourne has designed and conducted an intensive course on land administration- Modern Cadastre and Land Administration, from 13–17 July 2009 in Melbourne for participants from Indonesian government agencies and leading universities. The course discussed the development of modern land administration systems and the need for an effective and efficient cadastre. This included a review of a variety of concepts, theories and technologies for developing and maintaining these systems, and analysis of a range of approaches to land administration in developed and developing countries. The concept of land administration and people to land relationship, the land management paradigm, cadastral concept and principles and cadastre as a key layer of a spatially enabled society and e-government strategy, land and legal policy principles, the land administration toolbox, the development of land markets, the e-land administration, marine cadastre and marine SDI, and rights, restrictions and responsibilities related to land were studied. The course focused on solving problems and case studies to increase land management capacity of the Gadjah Mada University, Bandung Institute of Technology, and the National Land Agency of The Republic of Indonesia.

30 June 2009

Mr Masanori Muto (Mitstibushi Research Institute inc, Space and intelligence Gro) had meeting with Associate Prof Abbas Rajabifard for the discussion about Marine SDI and Marine Cadastre regarding integrating Marine information system.

19 June 2009

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard started his presidency of GSDI Association.

15-19 June 2009

GSDI 11 World Conference

“Spatial Data Infrastructure Convergence — Building SDI Bridges to address Global Challenges”

Team members form centre had presented papers at GSDI 11 World Conference 15-19 June, 2009 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

23 May 2009

Land Market Management Seminar, Tehran, Iran (Pre-Seminar)

24–26 May 2009

3rd PCGIAP UN sponsored Land Administration Forum (Re-Engineering the Cadastre To Support E-Government), Tehran, Iran

30 April 2009

Centre had a Seminar on Lower Hume PCPs Spatial Data Initiative: a Regional GIS/SDI Project and a Global Perspective on Health and GIS at The Department of Human Services (DHS), 50 Lonsdale Street-Melbourne at 10:00 am 30 April 2009

26–28 April 2009

Professor Ian P. Williamson gave a keynote presentation on “Spatially enabling society— the role of land administration” at Map Middle East 26-28 April, 2009 in Abu Dhabi.

2–20 April 2009

Mr Nasrollah Jahangard (Member of Iran Telecommunication Research Center (ITRC) and Especial Advisor in ICT affairs, Iran’s Juridical Power and Deeds and Land, Registration Organization, Tehran, Iran) visited the Centre.

18 March 2009

The meeting of the Advisory Committee was held on 18 March 2009.

17 March 2009, 4 pm

Prof Harlan Onsrud (Executive Director of GSDI) made tewkesberry presentation.

Topic: Vision for ubiquitous Spatial Computing: A Privacy Protection perspective”

Venue: Brown Theatre, Level 1, Bldg 193, Elec Eng.

3–23 March 2009

Prof David J. Coleman (Dean of Engineering, University of New Brunswick, Canada) visited the Centre.

28 Feb–1 March 2009

Asscoiate Prof Abbas Rajabifard attend National forum on Cadastre and Land Administration for E-government, Tehran.

1 Feb–21 March 2009

Prof Harlan Onsrud (Executive Director of GSDI)is visited the centre under the grand of Fulbright the senior specialist program and tewsboy program to work with Centre joint research interest and also discuss about GIS .He will make public presentation. more information will be available soon.

9 Feb 2009

ARC-meta data project officially launched on 9 Feb 2009 with all industrial partner and research team. It is close collaboration between goverment sector, private sector and university.

30 Jan-9 Feb 2009

ProfBAS kok (president of GSDI) visited the centre to discuss about the GSDI association.

Jan, 2009

A new book on A Multi view Framework to Assess Spatial Data Infrastructures edited by Joep Crompvoets, Abbas Rajabifard, Bastiaan van Loene and Tatiana Delgado Fernández is published jointly by Space for Geo-Information (RGI), Wageningen University and Centre for SDIs and Land Administration, Department of Geomatics, The University of Melbourne.

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