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18 November 2010

Professor Zorica Nedovic’-Budic’, Chair of Spatial Planning and Head of School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy at University College, Dublin, visited the Centre for SDIs and Land Administration. She met with the students to discuss their research projects.

10 November 2010

Visit by Malaysian Delegation

A delegation from land administration of Malaysia visited the Centre for SDIs and LA on Wednesday 10 November to discuss land administration researches and activities.

26–29 October 2010

Ms Jude Wallace and Mr Brian Marwick attended and presented at “37th Australian Conference of Registrars of Title” from 26–29 October 2010 in Perth, WA, Australia.

19–22 October 2010

A research team from the Centre for SDIs & LA comprising Prof Ian Williamson, Associate Prof Abbas Rajabifard, Mr Brian Marwick, Dr Rohan Bennett, Dr Mohsen Kalantari, Mr Heri Sutanta, and Mr Hamed Olfat attended and presented at GSDI 12 World Conference from 19–22 October, 2010 in Singapore.

5–7 October 2010

Ms Jude Wallace attended and presented at spatial@gov Conference from 5-7 October, 2010 in National Convention Centre, Canberra, Australia.

17–20 September 2010

Professor Ian P. Williamson attended at 50th Anniversary Jubilee, Faculty of Geodesy and Land Management, University of Warmia and Mazury (where awarded Professor Williamson an honorary doctorate in 1998) for research discussions, from 17-20 September, 2010 in Olsztyn, Poland.

12–15 September 2010

Professor Ian P. Williamson visited the Federal Office of Topography (Swisstopo) for discussions and research collaboration with Dr Daniel Steudler from 12-15 September, Switzerland.

6–10 September 2010

Professor Ian P. Williamson attended at FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting and Symposium on The Digital Cadastre Map from 6-10 September, 2010 in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.

1-3 September 2010

Associate Prof Abbas Rajabifard attended and presented at SMART KOREA/NSDI 2010 Conference from 1-3 September, 2010 in Seoul, South Korea.

24–25 Aug 2010

Dr Rohan Bennett, Dr Mohsen Kalantari and Mr Brian Marwick attended PSMA Australia’s August Jurisdictional Workshop in Canberra.

17 June 2010

Mr Bill Hirst Surveyor-General of the ACT, Australia visited the Centre.

16 June 2010

Executive Director ANZLIC Ms Liz Marchant visited the Centre.

3 June 2010

President of FIG Prof Stig Enemark appreciated contribution of Associate Prof Abbas Rajabifard to FIG 2010, his keynote address and MoU signed between FIG and GSDI through a formal letter of thanks.

19 May 2010

NIMLI-PSMA Workshop conducted to aimed at refining the NIMLI design elements and the potential future role(s) PSMA Australia will play in the delivery of national land information data and services

May 2010

Associate Prof Abbas Rajabifard keynote presentation on Spatially Enabled Government and Society: the Global Perspective during XXIV FIG Congress 2010 is selected as FIG article of the month in May 2010

April 2010

Associate Professor Abbas Rajabifard, attended and presented in Second Preparatory Meeting of the Proposed United Nations Committee on Global Geographic Information Management, 10–11 May 2010, UNHQ, New York.

April 2010

Dr Daniel Steudler (Swiss Federal Directorate for Cadastral Surveying, Switzerland) visited the Centre. He gave presentation on “Cadastral activities in Europe- Swiss experience” on Thursday 29 April 2010.

20 April 2010

Prof Bas kok visits the centre from 20–27 April, 2010

Dutch Cadastre, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

April 2010

XXIV FIG International Congress 2010

The group of researches from centre attend FIG conference 2010 and present on metadata, spatial enablement, disaster management and land administration.

Abbas Rajabifard gave plenary talk about Spatially Enabled Society on Tuesday morning.

14 April 2010

The team from Malaysia University visited the Centre.

19 Mar 2010

The meeting of the Advisory Committee held on 19 March 2010.

18 Feb 2010

ARC Linkage Project “National Infrastructure for Managing Land Information (NIMLI)” officially launched on 18 Feb, 2010.

10 Feb 2010

Presentation by Dr Abolghasem Sadeghi-Niaraki: An Ontology- Driven Personalized Navigation System

3 Feb 2010

Seminar: PhD completion presentation by Sheelan Vaez: Building a Seamless SDI for Land and Marine Environments

Feb 2010

Prof Joep Crompvoets appointed as Honorary  Research Fellow for Centre.

Jan 2010

We’re delighted to Welcome Dr Abolghasem Sadeghi-Niaraki (INHA University, Korea) to the Centre as a visiting scholar.

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