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11 September

Professor Rajabifard was awarded with the "SSSI Professional of the Year"at the Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards 2015. The team congratulates him for this prestigious award.

7–11 September

Prof Abbas Rajabifard and Mr Ged Griffin travelled to Santiago in Chile to further engagement and research collaboration between the University of Melbourne and Chilean organisations related to disaster management and public safety, and also SDIs and land administration. 

1 August

CSDILA congratulates Dr Serene Ho and Dr Davood Shojaei on receiving their Doctorate degree on the first of August at the University of Melbourne. Davood and Serene’s research was as part of the Land and Property Information in 3D project and contributed to the International research on the 3D Cadastre.  

28–31 July

Professor Rajabifard and Dr Ho, and Dr Olfat attended the13th South East Asian Survey Congress that was held on 28-31 July in Singapore and presented the Centre’s research. Professor Rajabifard provided the keynote of the conference.

8 May

Following a 3-month long visit of Ms Vanessa Guzman Mesa’s from Los Andes University Colombia (Universidad De Los Andes – Uniandes), she returned to her home country today. Vanessa’s conducted a research related to Disaster Management with the CDMPS during her visit.

9 April

Professor Rajabifard, Dr Mohsen Kalantari, Dr Katie Potts and Dr Benny Chen visited the NSW Rural Fire Services.

17 March

Ms Denise McKenzie, the executive director of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) visited CSDILA and met with Professor Abbas Rajabifard and Professor David Coleman.

3 February

The Centre was visited by South Korean delegates attending the International Symposium on "Smart Future Cities: The Role of 3D Land, Property and Cadastre Information" held in the University of Melbourne.

2–3 February

The Centre hosted experts from Australia, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Denmark, the Americas and Asia from various universities and industry organisations as part of the International Symposium on Smart Future Cities: The Role of 3D Land and Property and Cadastre Information. This symposium was held on 2–3 February in the University of Melbourne.

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