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Member spotlight: Dr Ali Aien

19 January 2021

It gives us immense pride to see how the CSDILA members and alumni succeed in their various chosen professions and use their skills out in the world to make a difference.

Dr Ali Aien started with the HERE Technologies after completing his PhD at the Centre in 2013 and is now the Business and Solution Architect Manager in HERE. HERE Technologies is a company that provides mapping and location data and related services to individuals and companies. Ali remains involved with the Centre through his work at HERE. The company has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Centre, providing researchers and students with HERE map content and application programming interfaces (APIs) to support research and development projects. Ali also supports researchers and students by running seminars and lectures.

The following article has more information on Ali’s contribution to the mapping community:

How mapping has evolved: digital, dynamic and high definition

Dr Ali Aien at a trade event

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