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Success in a new ARC Research Hub

2 August 2021

We are delighted to announce the success of our joint Australian Research Council (ARC) Industrial Transformation Research Hub, in partnership with UNSW, Western Sydney University, and QUT, along with more than 20 top industries. Our proposed Research Hub, “Resilient and Intelligent Infrastructure Systems (RIIS) in Urban, Resources and Energy Sectors” empowered by the Digital Twin platform, has secured a total cash funds of over $10m for five years, from ARC and industry partners.

The Research Hub will deliver transformational technologies to address Australia’s critical infrastructure needs. It will integrate advances in sensor technology, connectivity, data analytics, machine learning, robotics, smart materials, and reliable models to deliver resilient and adaptive infrastructure systems in urban, energy and resources sectors.

All three sectors are critical to Australia's prosperity and well-being. It will also engage with industry, government, and community to unlock scientific roadblocks, deliver foundational skills, and translate research and development to commercial opportunities.

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard will be Deputy Director of the Hub, working closely with Hub Director Prof. Nasser Khalili (UNSW). Abbas, together with Dr. Jagannath Aryal and Prof Stuart Barr, will represent CSDILA and The University of Melbourne as Chief Investigators to deliver novel design and knowledge in digital twin, location intelligence, and urban analytics.

This is an opportunity to collaborate with wider industries and innovators, and to offer opportunities for PhD studies and Post-Doctoral researchers in transforming the future of Australian infrastructure engineering. We welcome inquiries from interested parties!