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Spotlight on a student: Atie Asadikia

Atie seated in front of a laptop in a fabulous orange and black striped top

What is your research about?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework is recognised throughout the world as a significant global agreement that has been adopted by all UN members. These goals represent a solution to sustainability problems dealing with nations’ economies, the natural environment, and societies. However, making progress towards achieving these goals has not been as effective as originally intended. One of the major concerns is whether the SDGs will be achieved globally by 2030. Given the current damage and uncertainty wrought internationally by the COVID-19 pandemic, what is required is a coordinated global effort to achieve the SDGs. Countries’ resources are finite, and the deadline of no return is fast approaching, so prioritisation is necessary to allocate resources effectively. To ensure prioritisation is not including any subjective opinions or judgmental criteria, robust, detailed data analysis can be beneficial. However, traditional statistical methods present challenges for SDG-related data.

My research is about developing a systematic and holistic prioritisation tool to identify synergetic Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at different scales (global, country-level, and national). This research applies ensemble machine learning and data mining techniques to identify co-beneficial SDGs.

Who are your supervisors?

Prof Abbas Rajabifard, Assoc Prof Mohsen Kalantari

What do you want to do next?

As my future career, I would like to continue my research, whether in academia or as a researcher in industry. Besides my professional occupation, I would also like to live my life core values as much as possible.

Have you received any awards?

  • 2020: Awarded Certificate of Appreciation Teaching Excellence from Southern Cross University (for demonstrated excellence in teaching, leadership, a passion for the profession, effective student learning, and satisfaction)
  • 2020: Student Experience Award from Southern Cross University (consistently achieving a score in the upper 5% of the School of Business and Tourism Student Satisfaction since 2016)
  • 2019: Teaching Excellence Acknowledgment from Southern Cross University (ranked second out of more than 200 teaching staff) 
  • 2014: Awarded the membership of GOLDEN KEY international honour society
  • 2013: Awarded High Achiever Certificate from Deakin Graduate Business School
  • 2012: Rising Star Award from Deakin Graduation Business School
  • 2012: Awarded Certificate for Excellent service to the Deakin University Student Association Inc.

Further information

Atie is happy to answer any questions about her research – you can contact her on LinkedIn or via email: asadikiaa@student.unimelb.edu.au.