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  3. Dr Behnam Atazadeh receives ARC DECRA fellow funding

Dr Behnam Atazadeh receives ARC DECRA fellow funding

This week it was announced that CSDILA team member Dr Behnam Atazadeh has been awarded an ARC DECRA fellow to develop a novel 3D digital approach to managing underground ownership spaces. This will be achieved by referencing these spaces to the physical reality of the underground environment.

This project expects to generate new knowledge in the area of underground land administration using new 3D data modelling techniques. Expected outcomes of this project include a new underground 3D data model to improve management and communication of physical location and ownership extent of Australia’s underground assets.

An integrated 3D digital environment that can curate and communicate the physical location and legal ownership of underground assets will provide significant benefits such as protecting underground assets, decreasing the risk of damaging utilities, avoiding unnecessary disruptions and delays when planning, constructing, and managing underground infrastructure. This project’s proposed 3D underground data model presents a significant shift from current fragmented 2D representations and the opportunity to modernise land administration in Australia.

View the full report: Funded Projects – Discovery Early Career Researcher Award 2022 round 1