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Spotlight on a student: Maryam Barzegar

What is your research about?

My research is about spatial query and analysis for 3D urban land administration in which I developed a 3D spatial database for storing IFC data based on the analysis requirements of urban land administration stakeholders. Moreover, I developed new methodologies for performing spatial analysis using BIM and IFC data. These methodologies have been implemented as software plugins to be able to perform important spatial analysis such as legal boundary identification automatically.

Who are your supervisors?

Prof Abbas Rajabifard, Assoc Prof Mohsen Kalantari, Dr Behnam Atazadeh.

What do you want to do next?

I am working as a spatial consultant in an engineering consultant company. I want to apply my knowledge regarding 3D modeling, spatial analysis, database development, and integration of GIS and deep learning in industry projects.  

Have you received any awards?

I received an award as salutatorian of my Master’s degree (GIS) from K.N.Toosi University. I also received the best journal paper award at the 2019 Infrastructure Engineering Postgraduate Conference (IEPC) in Melbourne.   

Further information

Maryam is happy to answer any questions about her research – you can contact her on LinkedIn.