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Spotlight on a student: Mohamed Zahlan Abdul Muthalif

What is your research about?

Locating existing subsurface utilities is a crucial step in construction work as these can get damaged during construction activities. Despite the importance of locating existing subsurface services, the process is still greatly based on using paper (PDF) plans in the current practice. Moreover, marking subsurface utilities on the surface is time consuming and limited. Visualising the subsurface utilities before the excavation work starts has significant benefits for the effective management of construction projects. Augmented Reality (AR) is a promising technology for the visualisation of subsurface utilities without needing to mark them on the surface. My research is to develop effective AR visualisation methods of subsurface utilities considering the limitation of existing AR visualisation methods of subsurface utilities and related challenges for both indoor and outdoor environments. I develop prototypes to test the effectiveness of various subsurface utilities visualisation methods using Microsoft HoloLens (Gen 2) in Unity3D game engine.

Who are your supervisors?

Dr Davood Shojaei, Assoc Prof Kourosh Khoshelham

What do you want to do next?

I would like to continue my research by developing new ways to resolve subsurface utilities visualisation challenges using AR/MR techniques. In future, I expect to integrate Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further improve quality of subsurface utility visualisation.

Have you received any awards?

I was awarded with the Melbourne Research Scholarship to pursue a PhD at The University of Melbourne. I was also awarded an Internship Grant at Geo-informatic Center (GIC), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand from Faculty of Geomatics, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. Moreover, I was Awarded as a Microsoft certified professional since 2006.

Further information

Mohamed Zahlan is happy to answer any questions about his research – you can contact him on LinkedIn or by email mabdulmuthal@student.umimelb.edu.au.