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Webinar: Building climate resilient infrastructure

28 April 2021

On Wednesday 28 April Professor Rajabifard presented at the webinar panel event Building climate resilient infrastructure. The webinar addressed the question ’How is climate change affecting how we design, plan, build and manage resilient infrastructure?‘, with the key takeaways:

  • What is climate resilient infrastructure?
  • Challenges to sustainable infrastructure and design
  • The circular economy
  • Sustainability of infrastructure
  • Digitisation as a vehicle for resilience
  • The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • Autonomous vehicles and use of public space
  • Infrastructure considerations and fit-for-purpose context in developing nations

Members of the panel included (pictured, left to right):

  • Dr Behzad Rismanchi – Lecturer at Department of Infrastructure Engineering, The University of Melbourne
  • Joan Ko – Advisory, Planning and Design at Arup
  • Mark Allan – Acting Director City Design, City of Melbourne
  • Joyce Ferng – Associate Director, ANZ Modular Lead, AECOM
  • Professor Abbas Rajabifard – FIEAust, Director of Smart and Sustainable Development, Program Leader for Infrastructure, The University of Melbourne
  • Dr Keith Bell – RFD, International Development Consultant (not pictured)

The event was part of the Infrastructure Thought Leaders series in partnership with Engineers Australia, and hosted by the University of Melbourne’s Infrastructure Platform.

View a recording of the webinar