Proceedings Now Available

Monograph of the issues concerned with ICT enabled land administration for sustainable development and proceedings of the EGM

Edited by
Ian Williamson, Stig Enemark and Jude Wallace


Leading land administration practitioners and academics from Australia, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland met in Melbourne from 9-11 November 2005 to refine a model for the next generation of ICT and spatially enabled Land Administration Systems (LAS).

Land administration systems are impacted by national cultural, political and legal settings, and by technology. This expert group meeting aimed to share Australian and European experiences and assess a LAS vision and model for:

  • servicing the needs of governments, business and the public
  • utilising the latest technologies
  • servicing rights, responsibilities, restrictions and risks in relation to land, and
  • delivering much broader information about sustainable development.

Figure 1, Workshop Design

This model below was developed within the Australian Sciences and Linkages Grant Project “Incorporating Sustainable Development Objectives into ICT enabled LAS” and is described in the paper “Building Modern Land Administration Systems in Developing Countries”, Spatial Sciences Journal , forthcoming. The model was built in order to identify goals and structures for national land administration to help nations identify coordination needs, capacity building, technological reforms and overall designs. This model now needs to be compared against reality to identify betterment paths and be critically evaluated.